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Astronomers identify purest, most massive brown dwarfAn international researchers team was recently had a breakthrough when they identified a brown dwarf, a star not big enough for nuclear fusion, with the most possible purity and highest mass known to human brain. The object has been named as SDSS J0104+1535 and is now a member of halo, the most external reaches of our galaxy that is constituted by the oldest stars. Brown dwarfs are known for being an intermediate between fully-fledged stars and planets. The mass is also very less for hydrogen nuclear fusion with helium, but these are little more massive as compared with planets.

Prevents-Spoofing-in-Multi-Robot-SystemsA team of researchers working at MIT recently developed a new technology to keep multi-robot systems safe from hostile takeovers. This technique keeps the systems safe from a security threat called Sybil attack under which robots gets spoofed for influencing the authentic robots coordination from the network. There are a number of multi-robot systems coordinate through algorithms and make use of local observations to make a few new recommendations for the frameworks. When recommendations from all robots from the network are combined together, a single decision can be made.

New Kind of ElectrocatalystMostly platinum is used as a catalyst in the process of electrolysers that store electric energy in form of chemical compounds. It is also known for playing a crucial role in formation of fuel cells, multiple chemical processes, and catalytic converters. A team of researchers from the Aalto University led by Kari Laasonen and Tanja Kallio developed a new manufacturing procedure for electrocatalysts that consume just 1/100th amount of platinum used in production of commercial products.

Platinum is known for being a very costly material and is thus one of the biggest obstacles in renewable energy development. The process accomplished with use of new material is very much similar with that to commercial products. Platinum happens to be a very expensive metal that this smaller its requirement more cost-effective is the process of manufacturing and production. 

Title Total views
Purest and Most Massive Brown Dwarf Identified By Astronomers 16
A New Security Procedure That Prevents Multi-Robot Systems from Spoofing 17
Introducing a New Kind of Electrocatalyst That Uses 99% Less Platinum than Regular Designs 111
US Army Vehicles To Welcome Laser Weapons 135
Plastic Sheet Curvature Can Now Be Controlled With Light 182
Epson to Release new T Series Robots to expand its SCARA Lineup 1,671
B&K Precision Introduces two new Models to Expand its Bench LCR Meter Family 147
Smartphones Get a Viewing Boost With Superscreens 50
Texas Instruments Introduces Reinforced Isolator with Industry’s Highest Efficiency and Lowest Emissions 35
CUI’s Power Group Introduces 30W and 40W Desktop AC-DC Power Adapters 1,706
Now Watch NCAA March Madness Tournament with Intel True VR 76
Tarnish – Proof Films for Flexible Displays, Touch Screens 67
Disclosing the Microscopic Procedures in Perovskite Solar Cells 37
Passive Hydraulic Power Can Now Be Generated With Tree-On-A-Chip 39
Introducing a New Material That Is Capable Of Empowering Wearables through Body Heat 44
STMicroelectronics Improves its Online Design Environment by Adding New Features 40
Tektronix Unveils new Optical Modules Featuring Industry’s Highest Sensitivity and Lowest Noise 71
Fujitsu Develops new Technology to Estimate Transmission Performance for Optical Networks 71
Engineers Introduce Non-Toxic Substance that Produces Electricity through Cold and Hot 32
Novel Feedback System Could Enable Bigger Control over Fusion Plasma 33
Hydrogel Inspired From Worm Alters Shape With Environmental Changes 36
Tektronix Renders Measurement Solutions for Raspberry Pi to Test and Develop High Speed Interfaces 161
Texas Instruments Unveils Industry’s First Multiphase Bi-Directional Current Controller 62
The European Team Announces a Big Breakthrough in Superconductivity 42
Nanotube Layers May Resolve Longevity Trouble of Challenger Solar Cells 38
Silk Sensor could Enhance Development of Novel Infrastructure, Aerospace and Consumer Substances 42
Electro – Optical Switch Transfers Data at Record – Low Temperatures 33
Fujitsu to Accelerate IOT Data Analysis by Developing Database Integration Technology 1,741
Creating Super-Hard Windows with Nanoceramics 47
STMicroelectronics and iFLYTEK Market’s First Chinese Voice-Recognition Cloud Services 50
NVIDIA to Develop Artificial Intelligent Self-Driving Systems in Collaboration with Bosch 47
4D Systems Introduces gen4 Internet of Display Series of Intelligent Display Modules with Resistive Touch 2,472
Microsemi Announces Scalable Fronthaul Solution for 4G and 5G Mobile Networks 1,230
Texas Instruments Introduce SimpleLink microcontroller platform to transform the pace of Product Proliferation 2,489
James Webb Space Telescope Inspected By Ghostly Wraiths 51
Hacking Sound Waves and Sensors 116
Quantum Physics Offers Insights into Expressivity of Music 58
Revolutionary Process for Preparing Ultra-Selective Separation Membranes 52
STMicroelectronics and ClevX Introduce Highly Secure Encryption Technology Platform for Device Security 70
Intel’s Wind River Software Platform to Transform Industrial IoT’s Future 63
TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Introduced with a Fusion of Style and Innovation by Intel 1,644
IAR Systems Unveil a Major Update for ARM Development Tools 1,493
Scientists to Introduce ‘Wearable’ Robotic Tools for Surgery 42
Novel Nano-Implant Can Help Restoring Vision 29
A Robot Arm That Aims To Revolutionize Human Society 40
A Strong Alternative To Graphene: Silicon Nanosheets 74
Decades Old Space Energy Technology Transformed Into An Super-Efficient Thermionic Generator With Graphene 106
Wireless Communication Can Be Revolutionized With a Two-Way Transceiver on a Single Chip 57
Maxim Introduces nanoPower Boost Regulator with Industry’s Longest Battery Life for Wearable and Consumer IoT Designs 1,615
STMicroelectronics and DSP Concepts Together Offer STM32 Users Free Access to Advanced Audio Design Tool 88