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Renesas Electronic Corporation, a supreme supplier of highly developed semiconductor solutions, recently came up with two brand new PMBusTM compliant, completely DC/DC controllers that offer single output POL (Point-Of-Load) conversions for general purpose system rails, network processors, ASICs, DSPs, and FPGAs. The ISL68300 with integrated ISL68301 and MOSFET with PMW eases out designing power supplies for wireless communications, factory automation equipment, wired communications, and data centre.

Intel® recently announced released Xeon® E-2100 processor that is literally the successor of Intel Xeon E3 processor. This one has been designed for basic entry-level workstations that offer the designers with a single-threaded, powerful application performance with an amazing platform that has been customized for affordability and reliability. 



Medical device designers are capable of securing surgical tool data from high-energy, memory-disruptiive gamma radiation utilized for sterilization. Simultaneously, it also offers tool security with specific abilities like counterfeit prevention or secure tool use management with the help of DS28E83 DeepCover® secure authenticator from Maxim.



Title Total views
Renesas Electronics Uses Scalable Digital Controllers For Industrial Applications, Communications, And Cloud Computing By Simplifying Power Supply Designs 181
Intel Brings In Xeon E Processor Customized For Entry-level Workstations 125
Maxim Brings-in The First Radiation-Tolerant Secure Authenticator In Industry That Can Withstand Harsh Conditions To Keep Medical Device Data Safe 1,187
Automotive-Qualified 3D Gesture Regulation Controller From Microchip Will Help Keeping Drivers Focused 1,046
Tektronix Adds Up IQFlow™ Into RSA7100A Wideband RF Signal Analyzer 175
Now Car Positioning And Control Get Super Precise With More Accurate MEMS Sensors From STMicroelectronics 273
Baidu Plans To Integrate Responsibility Sensitive Safety Model From Mobileye Into Apollo Program 1,044
Intels Brings Out AI Camera, Xeon Scalable Optimization And FPGA-based Accelerations For Deep Learning At Baidu Create 1,115
Maxim Promotes A Healthier World With Wearable Platforms For Fitness And Health Applications 999
Integrated Optical Module From Analog Devices Brings Down The False Smoke Detector Alarms And Meets Up The Latest Regulatory Standards 2,290
Microchip Brings Forth Dual-Core Digital Signal Controller And 32-bit MCU With High Security Features And Low Power 575
Intel Revolutionizes The Future Of High-Performance Computing At The ISC 2018 592
A2B Transceivers Enhanced By Analog Devices Deliver Highest Flexibility For Evolving Applications 1,082
What Do You Know About The New Universal Compute Modules That Just Entered The Market? 934
Let’s Learn A Few Things About An Artificial Engine That Knows Your Emotional Status 379
ON Semiconductors Brings-in Its Own SiC Diodes For Innovative Automotive Applications 400
SiC Schottky Diodes Brings Down Space Needs As Well As Total Costs 634
Smart Home Audio Challenges To Be Addressed By A New Trio Of Class-D Amplifiers 255
STMicroelectronics NFC Technology Distinguishes TCL Communication’s Smartphone With Superb Contactless User Experience 918
New PIC® and AVR® MCUs Can Now Enhance System Performance For Closed-loop Applications 991
Intel Makes Into TIME’s Drone Special Issue 436
Maxim Brings Forth One Of The First True Fault Protection For Industrial Voltage Applications And High Speed USB Ports 531
The Great Wall Of China Will Regain Its Lost Charm With Intel’s Drone And Artificial Intelligence Technology 336
The Great Wall Of China Will Regain Its Lost Charm With Intel’s Drone And Artificial Intelligence Technology 0
IBASE Brings Forth Sl-61S Video Wall Player For Multi-Screen UHD Signage 121
Automotive Grade TVS Diode Arrays Promise Best Performance Under Extreme Temperatures 92
Fujitsu Control Systems All Set To Discover 1000 Celestial Objects At Cherenkov Telescope Array 95
Renesas Electronics Comes With ISL91302B, ISL91301B, and ISL91301A Multiphase PMICs That Offer Smallest Footprints And Highest Efficiency 94
Intel and its partners move ahead on the path of intelligent factories 90
All You Need To Know About Largest Water Recycling Plant By Intel 77
Introducing The New Range Of Vishay Safety Resistors And Safety-Rated RFI Capacitors 134
Intel Chip Does 10 Trillion Calculations Per Seconds 79
Recounting The Details Of Next Generation Drone Light Show 98
Intel Introduces Silicon Level Security Technologies As Well As Industry Adoption At RSA 2018 84
Getting To Know The Latest MTi-7 89
The Advanced 30kW Three-Phase Vienna PFC From Microsemi Promises Much Better Performance And Ruggedness 195
Microchip’s New Software Library Simplifies Implementation Of Low-Power Touch Pads Equipped With Surface Gestures 492
Magna And Renesas Come Together To Load The Vehicle Segment And Consumers With Advanced Safety 136
Intel® FPGAs Continue Transforming The World From Cloud To Edge Applications 106
Fujitsu Starts Using Blockchain For “Virtuora DX” Data Utilization And Distribution Service 127
Fujitsu Widens The Horizons Of Managed Security Services For Better Protection Against Varying Cyber-Attacks 108
PLC And UI Hardware Gets Simplified With RTS-Congatec’s Virtualized Embedded Computing Platform 99
Intel FPGAs Infuse The Azure Cloud With Magic Of AI 103
Fujitsu Comes Up With A More Effective Way To Create New Drug Candidates With An Advanced Molecular Simulation Technology 88
The Smithsonian American Art Museum Employs Immersive Virtual Reality For Educating People, Courtesy Intel 129
Introducing The Advanced Galvanic Isolation Technology From X-Fab 188
The Intel AI Enterprise Ecosystem Development Takes A Hike With Its AI Builders Program 114
The 500VDC SMD Fused Now Offers Short-Circuit Protection Up to 1500A 119
Intel’s Adoption Of FPGAs To Enhance Efficiency Of Enterprise Workloads Hits Mainstream Market 104
Need A Cost-Effective, Plug-and-Play, Compact Solution, Check Out Maxim’s Digital Class D Speaker Amplifiers 234