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IBASE Unveils Dual-HDMI SI-122-N Fanless Signage PlayerIBASE, a leading provider of digital signage players and solutions, has released the SI-122-N dual-HDMI fanless signage player. It’s equipped with 3rd Generation AMD Embedded G-Series SoC featuring high processing performance and optimised for demanding graphics requirements. 
The latest offering provides smooth, high-definition video for each display to render the ultimate picture quality to the users. The SI-122-N can be utilised for smart signage displays in high-traffic areas like restaurants, airports, shopping malls, and banks. This helps in conveying dynamic information and targeted promotions, by updating them at strategic times of the day.
Fujitsu Starts Verifying IoT-Based Visualization System in Intel’s FactoryFujitsu has begun the verification of IoT-based visualization system at Intel’s semiconductor factory in Malaysia. The new system can visually capture the operational status of its semiconductor production lines and environmental data like power and water usage. It integrates FUJITSU Business Application Intelligent Dashboard with Intel’s IoT Gateway and FUJITSU Cloud Service K5 IoT Platform.
The collaboration between Fujitsu and Intel begun in May 2015 and as a part of the first phase, a field trial was launched to increase efficiency and improve visibility into the factory’s manufacturing process. Now with the second phase, Fujitsu is verifying the system in Intel’s factory by using IoT to render visibility regarding the overall status of the factory. 

4D Systems Unveiled the MOTG Series with Host of Connectivity Expansion Options4D Systems has announced the release of the modules-on-the-go (MOTG) Series offering a simple plug-and-play interface to the 4D systems gen4 range of DIABL016 and PICASO intelligent display modules. In order to meet the demand for additional display modules interface and communication capabilities, the MOTG Series has been specifically designed to cater to the customer needs.

To offer this connectivity, the company has developed the Universal MOTG Interface (UMI), published as an open standard. Initially, the series would include 4 modules offering Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (BLE), RS232 or RS485 connectivity. These modules are plugged into an interface board that also links to either a gen4 DIABL016 or PICASO display. The fifth module would add MP3 playback functionality.

Title Total views
IBASE Unveils Dual-HDMI SI-122-N Fanless Signage Player 139
Fujitsu Starts Verifying IoT-Based Visualization System in Intel’s Factory 82
4D Systems Unveiled the MOTG Series with Host of Connectivity Expansion Options 2,367
Applied Motion Releases New, Faster EtherNet/IP Communications Stack 81
Manufacturing Bricks From Simulated Martian Soil 33
A Heated Smart Mug For Tea And Coffee - Jul 39
A Team Of Engineers Bring Back Historic Medical Technique For Keeping Damaged Donor Lungs Safe 118
Alliance Memory Rolls out new 1 Gb High-Speed CMOS DDR SDRAM 89
Microchip Introduces SAM R30 System in Package with Multi-Year Battery Life 1,441
What Do You Know About The LIFTcell 3D Printing Automation System? 130
Tektronix Unveils TTR500 Series USB Vector Network Analyzer 1,466
Mechanical Engineering Being Inspired By Burrowing Seeds 189
Engineers Use Visible Light For Controlling Fluids 131
Intel and NeuLion to Stream Live and ON-Demand 4K UHD Sports Content on Computers 94
Intel Optane Memory Availability Announced at Retail Stores 1,983
IAR Systems Releases new Version of development tools for Renesas RX 114
Understanding The Damaging Effects Of Microscopy Technique 94
Fujitsu Develops Circuit Technology for Improving Energy Efficiency of Deep Learning Hardware 244
Bringing Down The Costs Of Semiconductor Wafers With Graphene 1,748
SST’s Advanced Liquid Sensor Devices Provide Protection for Telecom Equipment in Adverse Weather Conditions 2,141
Oracle Cloud Platform Services Offered from Fujitsu Datacenter 1,483
Using Lasers To Scale Jet Disintegration 189
CUI’s Power Group Expands the VOF ac-dc power supply lineup with new 300 W series 141
Digital Alert Systems and Triveni Digital Roll Out ATSC 3.0 Advanced Emergency Alerting Starter Kit for TV Broadcasters 249
Tektronix Launches new Arbitrary Waveform Generator Featuring High Signal Fidelity 1,235
Transforming Optical Communications With Nanoantennas 96
Lenovo Brings Forth A New VR-Supporting Workstation 103
Epson and IDT Introduce New Timing Solution for Data Center and Telecom Applications to Address Noise Challenges 1,159
WaterSim For Tackling Water Sustainability 62
Fujitsu Launches 6 new Enterprise PC and Tablet Models 1,796
Ooho!! The Consumable Spherical Water Bottle 229
Introducing A Device That Can Extract Water From Dry Air And Energy From Sunlight 174
Congatec Announces the Official Release of COM Express 3.0 Specification 1,765
3-D Printing And Shape-Shifting Objects 241
Alliance Memory Launches new Line of Mobile LPDDR2 SDRAMs to Increase Battery Life in Portable Electronics 288
Hidden Mines Can Now Be Hunted With Knifefish Submersible Drones 101
You Can Now Have PLEN Cube As Your Portable Assistant Robot 264
Intel Gears up to Redefine Fan and Player Experiences for the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 1,376
B&K Precision Launches Latest Multi-Range DC power Supplies 53
Tektronix Adds more Features to the PRISM Platform 121
Microsemi Introduces Libero SoC v11.8 Software Offering Mixed Language Simulation and Best-in-Class Debugging Capabilities 33
IBASE Reveals Latest COM Express Module Supporting 7th Generation Intel Core SoC Processors 29
Using Quantum Dots For Tracking Individual Blood Cells 80
ON Semiconductor Introduces new Image Sensors for Sub-Lux Imaging Applications 154
Renesas Unveils Industry-Leading Small Design Class Inverter Kit Solution 1,881
Duoskin - A Temporary Tattoo Device Developed By MIT Engineers 115
Xsens Releases MVN Studio 4.4 for On-Body Recording, Watch Video for Details 2,498
Mass Production of Printed Electronics 89
Affordable Biological Sample Measurement With Glass Tube Sensors 173
Microsemi and Athena Introduce the TeraFire Hard Cryptographic Microprocessor with Advanced Security Features 2,602