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Fermi finds possible dark matter ties in Andromeda galaxyThe Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope from NASA recently discovered a signal from the center of the out neighbour galaxy Andromeda galaxy. This symbolizes the presence of a very mysterious material called dark matter. The gamma-ray signal is quite similar to that seen by Fermi at the center of our personal Milky Way galaxy. Gamma-rays happen to be the highest energy light form that is generated by most energetic phenomena in this universe. These are more common in galaxies such as the Milky Way as the cosmic rays particles move pretty close to the speed of light and generate gamma rays as these interact with starlight and interstellar gas clouds.

Thubber-Combines-Elasticity-with-Thermal-ConductivityA team of engineers was recently successful in creation of a more thermally conductive and stretchable rubber that will pave a new path towards better development of flexible electronics and their inclusion in our regular lives. Thubber, as they like to call it, can be defined as a soft natured material that has microdroplets of liquid metal embedded in deformable silicon elastomer. The composite nature of this material permits thubber to attain its dual-nature properties of metal-like thermal conductivity and high elasticity. The liquid metal is quite capable of changing its shape with the rubber around it in order to maintain pathways for dispersion heat.

Engineers-Develop-DNA-Light-SwitchDNA, the fundamental cell of life, may give a good shock to all those engineers who have been trying hard to come up with lower-cost, more advanced electronic devices. The biggest development has just been made as a team of researchers was recently successful in developing a controllable DNA switch that is one thousand times smaller than one strand of human hair. So, now administration of DNA should be more like switching light on and off in home. These DNA switches will be able to regulate the electricity flow inside a single atomic-sized molecule. This study was made by a researcher name Nongjian Tao who worked at the Arizona State University Biodesign Institute.

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Fermi Discovers Possible Dark Matter Knots In Andromeda Galaxy 25
Thubber Combines Elasticity with Thermal Conductivity 23
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Next Generation SkyOne Ultra Solutions Targeting Fast Growing China LTE Market Introduced by Skyworks 33
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World's Smallest TOF Ranging Sensor Featuring Multi-Object Detection and Multi-Array Scanning introduced by ST Microelectronics 44
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US Crop Production Threatened By Decline in Number of Bees 35
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Designing and Creating a More Walkable City 33
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Fujitsu Conducts Field Trials to Grasp Irrigation Water Levels, Improve Agricultural Productivity in Myanmar 176
Fujitsu Adds IoT Utilization Functionality to GLOVIA ENTERPRISE MES, a Manufacturing Execution System 2,926
Printable Solar Cells Just Got a Bit Closer 43
Four-stroke Engine Cycle Releases Hydrogen from Methane, Captures Carbon Dioxide 39
Novel Technique Employs Heat Flow to Levitate Range of Objects 40
Sensors Embedded in Sports Equipment Could Offer Real-time Analytics to Your Smartphone 39
Revolution in ‘Wonder’ Substances Opens the Route for Flexible Tech 39
Team Gets Successful In Creating High-Quality Graphene through Soybeans 28
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Engineers Get Successful In Creation of an Atomic Force Microscope That Has Size of a Single Dime 27
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