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Intel has always been about simplifying lives and making world a better place. If you try to understand the job of their Chief Technical Officer (CTO) in simple words it is about creating huge labs that hold above two lac interconnected computers.

Bringing a new expansion to its Gallium Nitride (GaN) power portfolio, Texas Instruments (TI) recently came up with two advanced high-speed GaN Field Effect Transistor drivers (FET) that would help in creation of better performing more efficient designs for speed-specific apps like Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR)  as well as 5G radio-frequency envelope tracking (RF).

One of the leading suppliers of semiconductor memory solutions, Winbond Electronics Corporation recently introduced a completely new class of NAND Flash ICs that promise long and high quality data retention much suitable for mission-critical code storage applications at a density of 512Mb and more.

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Bringing Server Updating Process To Simplest Level 132
Texas Instruments Expands GaN Power Portfolio With Smallest And Fastest GaN Drivers Of Industry 136
Winbond Brings-in A New Range Of High-Quality NAND Flashes - A Cost Effective Solution To NOR Flash For Code Safe-Keeping In Mission-Critical Applications 224
The SiC Diodes From ON Semiconductors Promise Lower System Costs, Power Density, And Higher Efficiency 130
Renesas Electronics Brings Forth R-Car V3H System-On-Chip For Front Cameras In Level 3 and Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles 149
Renesas Synergy™ Brings In Enterprise Cloud Toolbox To Strengthen Chip-to-Cloud IoT Connectivity 30
MINMAX Brings Forth MIZI03 Series Inside Encapsulated DIP-24 Package 27
ON Semiconductor Introduces Smallest 65W USB-PD Adapter Solutions That Makes Use Of Standard Super Junction FETs 36
Congatec Brings Forth COM Express Type 6 Module With V1000 Processors Embedded In AMD Ryzen™ 149
STMicroelectronics And AdaSky Come Together To Include Day/Night High-Resolution Perception And Vision To Automotive 249
SAMA5D2 MPU-Based System On Module (SOM) Simplifies Industrial-Grade Linux 133
The New Product By IAR Systems Optimizes The Process Of Security Development 232
Littelfuse Expands SiC Schottky Diode Line Capable Of Enhancing Robustness And Efficiency 265
Intel Introduces Best-in-Class Depth Sensing For Developers, Makers, And Educators With Intel RealSense D400 Depth Camera Series 239
Light Show By Intel’s Drone Supersedes The Guinness World Record Title At The 2018 Olympic Winter Games 442
Qorvo Announces New Addition To Its Innovative Range Of Integrated Modules, Switches, And Amplifiers 364
Renesas Synergy Platform Enhances IoT Performance Via IAR Systems Highly Developed Compiler Technology 324
Metal Hybrid PPTC Mini-Breaker Now Takes Care Of Higher Currents in Smaller Packages 44
The Sitara System On Modules Takes Higher Leap With SLC NAND Flash Option and a New AM3359 Processor 47
Sofradir Introduces Snake SW Tecless, Smallest VGA SWIR Detector For High Volume Industrial Imaging Applications 36
Littelfuse SIDACtor Protection Thyristors Offer Improved Surge Protection Under Higher Exposure Environments 50
Automotive Headlight Systems Revolutionized by TI With Advanced High-Resolution DLP Technology 43
The Latest 8th Generation Core Processors From Intel Provide 3x Increment in Frames Per Second For Devices As Thin As 17mm 35
Scalable Image Sensor Platform For Autonomous Driving And ADAS Introduced By ON Semiconductor 43
STMicroelectronics and USound Come Up With The First Advanced MEMS Silicon Micro-Speakers 36
Things You Should Know About DLP-RFS1280 And DLP-RFS1280ACT 42
Alliance Memory Expands Up Its Lineup Of DDR3L and DDR3 SDRAMs 44
Tektronix Instruments Back First Data Transmission Via Terahertz Multiplexer 47
Baidu Chooses To Go With ON Semiconductor Image Sensors For Apollo Autonomous Driving Platform 40
A Noteworthy Step In Direction Of 5G - A Huge Move Towards A Wireless World 1,152
IAR Systems Initiates A New Comprehensive IoT Module Development NXP 943
Renesas Electronics Accelerates The Development Of Its ADAS, Autonomous, And Cockpit For CES 2018 936
Airbiquity And Renesas Add New Feature To Autonomous Driving With A High-Performance, Secure Solution With Over-The-Air Capabilities 1,382
Things You Need To Know About RSL10 Multi-Protocol Bluetooth 5 System-On-Chip 1,133
Introducing Maxim’s MAX14748 USB Type-C Charger That Optimizes All Portable Consumer Designs 289
Autonomous Driving To Receive A Boost With Real-Time, Power-Efficient LiDAR Processing From Renesas Electronics And Dibotics 315
Intel’s Falcon 8+ Drone Plays Key Role In Preservation Of 15th Century German Cathedral 254
Intel Brings Forth New Products Intel Pentium And Intel Celeron In Line Of Processors 405
Fujitsu Makes Use Of FPGA Accelerator In Development Of WAN Acceleration Technology 262
Texas Instruments Introduces its First Educational Robot named the TI-Innovator Rover 2,863
Japanese Bankers Association to Employ Fujitsu Cloud Service-Based Blockchain Platform 1,592
Mobileye Collaborates with Munich Re to Ensure Enhanced Road Safety 1,666
Congatec Launches Intel Atom C3000 Processor based COM Express Type 7 Server-on-Modules 2,801
Intersil Introduces Industry’s First 15A, 42V Analog Power Module 1,705
Fujitsu’s VR Heart Simulator Viewer with Stereoscopic Display to be used by the University of Tokyo 405
Fujitsu Launches 2 New Enterprise Workstation Models Equipped with Latest Windows 10 Creators Update 1,119
Littlefuse Inc. Introduces Multiple Series of High Voltage Fuse Blocks and Fuse Holders 763
Ambiq Micro Chooses TMC Technology Platform to Deliver new Line of Huawei’s Fitness Wearables 889
SMI Launches the new IntraSense Product Line Featuring Biocompatible Sensors 437
Intel and NFL Introduce freeD Technology in 11 Stadiums for the 2017 Season 968