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Intel recently gave out details on expansion of its 100G silicon photonics transceivers portfolio. This portfolio works beyond the data center inside the network edge. Intel chose the ECOC (European Conference on Optical  Communication) held in Rome for unveiling particulars of new silicon photonics products optimized for acceleration the movement of massive quantity of data produced by new 5G used cases as well as IoT (Internet of Things) applications. The advanced 100G silicon photonics transceivers are well optimized for meeting bandwidth needs of next-generation communications equipment while keeping sync with adverse environmental conditions.

Renesas IP Solutions Providing IP Assets Including Connecting Buses Renesas Electronics Corporation, one of the premier suppliers of highly advanced semiconductor solutions, recently made a public announcement that it is expanding access to robust portfolio of IP (Intellectual Property) licenses that permits designers to cater a broad range of customized customer needs and requirement in present day scenario. Renesas has been successful in incorporating an extensive range of IP in its SoC (System on Chip) and MCUs (Microcontrollers) product spans along with timer IP, CPU (Central  Processing Units), communication interface IP, analog IP, and memory IP. 

Fujitsu Laboratories and Fujitsu Limited recently declared that they conducted a thorough field trial of the memory expansion technology at its India based Sify Technology Limited’s data center. The results of this trial concluded that application of this technology on a server helps in achievement of system performance equivalent to 10 servers. Resultantly, in comparison to average systems like technical servers, it is capable of improving system performance up to 3.6 times. 

Title Total views
Intel Aims At 5G Infrastructure With Advanced Silicon Photonics Technology 17
Renesas Further Expands Access to A Stronger Portfolio of IP Licenses 143
Fujitsu Carries Out Memory Expansion Technology Field Trials, Gets Successful In Achieving System Performance Equivalent for 10 Servers 325
What Do You Know About The Digi XBee3 LTE-M Smart Modem? 173
Safety of Electronic Equipment In Potentially Explosive Sites Pulled Up To A New Level With Hazardous Area Barrier Network Fuse 178
IBASE Brings-In AMD Ryzen™ Embedded MI988 Mini-ITX Motherboard Based On V1000 954
Skyworks Introduces High Performance FEMs for LPWAN IoT as well as Industrial Applications 393
Fujitsu Brings-in Liquid Immersion Cooling System Ensuring Lower Ownership Cost 177
MAI602-M4D80 Fanless Motion Control System Supports Smart Machine Automation 218
Epson Introduces M-A352 For Improved Health Structuring 290
Maxim’s Battery Fuel-Gauge ICs Promise Lowest Operating Current That Maximizes Run-Time for Portable Devices like Mobiles 1,996
IBASE Brings Forth SI-324 4K Digital Signage Player That Gets Powered By AMD Ryzen™ Filled With V1000 Processors 1,172
GNSS Connectivity Solutions by Turnkey For IoT Applications 386
Watch Out The 2.4” Color TFT LCD with IPS Display 299
All You Need To Know About The Eyes and Ears of Autonomous Vehicles - The Sensors 251
Intel Brings Forth Advanced NUC Kits As Well As NUC Mini PCs To Its NUC Family 1,179
Fujitsu Registers Success In Increasing Output Power of Gallium-Nitride Transistors by Three Times 1,416
IBASE Brings Forth OFP Series Full-Flat Open Frame Modular Panel PC 1,171
How Intel Is Redesigning The Data Centers With Its New Solid State Drives 1,938
Industry’s First Automotive Security Development Kit Can Now Keep In-Vehicle Networks Safe From Hackers 1,866
Skyworks Brings Forth 5G Antenna Tuning Solutions 1,158
Littelfuse Brings-In New Modular CAN Controller 1,224
Microsemi Announces Sampling Of Highest Performing Enterprise 4 PCIe Controller In The Industry 1,244
What Do You Know About Front-end Module For Smart Metering and ISM? 1,288
Microsemi Widens The Range Of Its Storage Adapter Solutions To Include Support for maxCrypto Secure Encryption and On-board Cache Protection 1,459
The Next-Generation Consumer Applications To Be Powered By Maxim High-Performance PMICs 1,208
Fujitsu Introduces An Advanced Version Of Its VPS Digital Production Preparation Tool 1,265
Now Bring Down Bills And Costs Of Materials With One Single Power Monitoring IC Whose Power Ranges From 0V - 32V 1,322
Renesas Electronics Uses Scalable Digital Controllers For Industrial Applications, Communications, And Cloud Computing By Simplifying Power Supply Designs 1,691
Intel Brings In Xeon E Processor Customized For Entry-level Workstations 409
Maxim Brings-in The First Radiation-Tolerant Secure Authenticator In Industry That Can Withstand Harsh Conditions To Keep Medical Device Data Safe 1,429
Automotive-Qualified 3D Gesture Regulation Controller From Microchip Will Help Keeping Drivers Focused 1,270
Tektronix Adds Up IQFlow™ Into RSA7100A Wideband RF Signal Analyzer 410
Now Car Positioning And Control Get Super Precise With More Accurate MEMS Sensors From STMicroelectronics 500
Baidu Plans To Integrate Responsibility Sensitive Safety Model From Mobileye Into Apollo Program 1,289
Intels Brings Out AI Camera, Xeon Scalable Optimization And FPGA-based Accelerations For Deep Learning At Baidu Create 1,343
Maxim Promotes A Healthier World With Wearable Platforms For Fitness And Health Applications 1,222
Integrated Optical Module From Analog Devices Brings Down The False Smoke Detector Alarms And Meets Up The Latest Regulatory Standards 2,457
Microchip Brings Forth Dual-Core Digital Signal Controller And 32-bit MCU With High Security Features And Low Power 709
Intel Revolutionizes The Future Of High-Performance Computing At The ISC 2018 727
A2B Transceivers Enhanced By Analog Devices Deliver Highest Flexibility For Evolving Applications 1,231
What Do You Know About The New Universal Compute Modules That Just Entered The Market? 1,086
Let’s Learn A Few Things About An Artificial Engine That Knows Your Emotional Status 527
ON Semiconductors Brings-in Its Own SiC Diodes For Innovative Automotive Applications 549
SiC Schottky Diodes Brings Down Space Needs As Well As Total Costs 772
Smart Home Audio Challenges To Be Addressed By A New Trio Of Class-D Amplifiers 401
STMicroelectronics NFC Technology Distinguishes TCL Communication’s Smartphone With Superb Contactless User Experience 1,046
New PIC® and AVR® MCUs Can Now Enhance System Performance For Closed-loop Applications 1,104
Intel Makes Into TIME’s Drone Special Issue 587
Maxim Brings Forth One Of The First True Fault Protection For Industrial Voltage Applications And High Speed USB Ports 648