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Particles from Outer Space Are Taking a Toll over Personal ElectronicsYou may not know this that a race of alien subatomic particles showering from the outer space have been slowly taking a toll over your personal electronics like computers, smartphones, and several other kind of personal devices. When you have the blue screen error or your operating system crashes you may have to go ahead by resetting everything and put blame over the manufacturer. However, this has also been taking place on account of electrically charged particles that have been coming from cosmic rays coming in from outer space.

Solar Filtration System Redirects GreywaterWater security is one of the biggest growing concerns across several parts of the world. In USA alone, an average day uses for a family is hundred gallons of water and most of it turns into greywater as a result of baths, laundry, and runoff from sinks. As a new way to water recycling, a group of engineers and architects at the UC Berkeley recently started working over a device that collects grey water from a building all along the day and then cleans it is not as clean as to be used for drinking or cooking purposes but you can always use it again for flushing toilets and washing your dirty clothes. Along with, it can also be used for solar heating.

Wireless charging with mother boxThe team working at Yank Technologies was quite frustrated with the slow progress taking place with respect to smart phones. The phones were filled upto gills with features and have been evolving further at super speed but the charging methods stayed primitive as compared to software advances. The stagnation has been as old as ten years and it really began getting up to the other side of their mind. So, as a solution the team came up with a Mother Box that provided a wireless charging solution for all kind of smart phones. The firm is now running an Indiegogo campaign to sponsor their first production round for components.

Title Total views
A Few Particles from Outer Space Are Taking a Toll over Personal Electronics 41
A Solar Filtration System Redirects Greywater 34
Is Mother Box Is the Next Step in Evolution towards Wireless Charging? 35
Fujitsu Conducts Field Trials to Grasp Irrigation Water Levels, Improve Agricultural Productivity in Myanmar 151
Fujitsu Adds IoT Utilization Functionality to GLOVIA ENTERPRISE MES, a Manufacturing Execution System 83
Printable Solar Cells Just Got a Bit Closer 34
Four-stroke Engine Cycle Releases Hydrogen from Methane, Captures Carbon Dioxide 30
Novel Technique Employs Heat Flow to Levitate Range of Objects 30
Sensors Embedded in Sports Equipment Could Offer Real-time Analytics to Your Smartphone 29
Revolution in ‘Wonder’ Substances Opens the Route for Flexible Tech 30
Team Gets Successful In Creating High-Quality Graphene through Soybeans 18
Increasing Endurance of Sodium-Ion Batteries 25
Engineers Get Successful In Creation of an Atomic Force Microscope That Has Size of a Single Dime 18
PULS DIN Rail Power Supplies Available to Customers Globally through Digi-Key 7
Fujitsu Enables Secure Use of Cloud Services via IoT Devices Using a Smartphone's Biometric Authentication 2,603
Physicists Come Up With Most Neglected Properties of Light 52
Biomimic Wind Turbine: All You Need To Know 2,029
Researchers Adopt a Completely New Way to Create Triangular Molecules 37
ISRO Sets a new record by Launching 104 Satellites at one go 64
Small Magnetic Implant Offers Novel Drug Delivery Method 73
Scientists warn researchers of costly impure chemicals 47
Chip could prepare voice control ubiquitous in electrical 54
Estimating Entropy – Tunnelling-Scanning Microscope Offers Glimpse of the Mysterious Property 60
Researchers Bring the Watery Past of Mars In View 46
Canadian Glaciers to Make Major Contributions in Sea Level Changes in Coming Future 1,543
More than 50 year Old Protein Volume Paradox Determined 49
Substance can alter sunlight, movement and heat into electricity – all at once 69
Novel Research of Ferroelectrics Offers Roadmap to Multivalued Logic for Neuromorphic Computing 50
Satellite and Mobile Phone Data to Map Poverty 1,648
Identifying Mysteries on the Surface 59
Eco-friendly Concrete Developed by Researchers 28
Small, Soft, Minute Nanofabricated Devices Converted Into Microphones 28
Keeping the Power Grid Safe from Hackers 29
Blue Jets Observed By the International Space Station 69
Physicists Find a Completely New Process for Fusion Experiments Designing 56
Getting Acquainted With the Strangeness of Black Holes 44
New Genetic Tool Developed For Better Studies of Arsenic 57
All You Need To Know About Noncorrosive And Nontoxic Long Lasting Aqueous Flow Battery 155
Another Hassle to Quantum Computers Sorted – Clearing Machine for Atoms 78
A Novel Stable and Sensitive Self-Powered Photodetector 73
Meta-lenses Bring Benchtop Performance to Hand-Held, Small Spectrometer 91
In-Cell Molecular Structure Sieve from the Protein Crystal 61
Dual Function Nanorod LEDs could result in Multifunctional Displays 36
Retrieving and Launching Drones on the Fly 38
A Vehicle That Can Act As Your Suitcase and Will Follow Wherever You Go 44
The Terahertz Spectroscope Contracts to Microchip from Tabletop 33
Large group of photons on demand – Similar to photonic ‘integrated circuit’ 64
Flat Lens Opens an Extensive World of Color 66
Possibility of measuring time without Using a Clock 77
Revolutionary Chip Extends Sensor’s Battery Life 68