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Mouser Electronics Calls-in DRV835x Smart Gate Drivers From Texas Instruments for 3-Phase BLDC Applications

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Shreepanjali Mod

Mouser Electronics Inc. recently made it to headlines for calling in the three-phase smart gate drivers. Texas Instruments is one of the most recognized gate drivers providers around the globe. The DRV835x is a highly integrated three phase gate driver specifically designed for three-phase Brushless DC motor applications including trapezoidal current, sinusoidal current and field-oriented control.

Fig. 1: Representational Image of DVR8353R 


The TI’s DRV835x drivers make use of SGD (Smart Gate Driver) architecture that brings down the total external components typically needed for protection circuits and MOSFET slew rate control. The Smart Gate Drive framework is capable of optimizing dead time for prevention of shoot-through conditions. It also increases flexibility as EMI goes down because of MOSFET slew rate control. Lastly,  it secures the gate short circuit conditions via  VGS monitors.

The drivers also offer optional integrated current shunt amplifiers to back various motor control schemes as well as a buck regulator to energize external controller or gate driver. A robust gate pull down circuit helps in prevention of unwanted  dV/dt parasitic gate events or turn.

The DRV835x drivers are backed by DRV8353Rx-EVM driver evaluation modules. These are 15A three-phase BLDC drive stages based either on DRV83583RS and DRV8353RH gate driver along with TI CSD88599Q5DC NexFET™  power blocks. The new evaluation modules come with individual DC phase and bus voltage sense and individual low-side current shunt amplifiers proving these perfect for sensorless BLDC algorithms.


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