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Airbiquity And Renesas Add New Feature To Autonomous Driving With A High-Performance, Secure Solution With Over-The-Air Capabilities

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Bijal Parikh
Airbiquity and Renesas Electronics recently announced a high-performance, secure automotive solution embedded with Over-The-Air (OTA)  capabilities. It will provide support for futuristic automated driving applications, Vehicle-To-Everything (V2X) as well as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). For this project the two firms not only joined their resources but also their knowledge banks and talent pools/ Renesas is a supplier of most advanced semiconductor solutions while Airbiquity is one of the best connected vehicle services provider on the globe. 
It is another initiative in the direction of autonomous driving era by two globally leading companies. Under this project, they integrated data management service delivery solution and could based OTA software over a low power, high-performance R-Car H3 automotive computing platform by Renesas. This combined solution takes roots into R-Car H3 System-On-Chip (SoC) that provides complete compliance to ISO 26262 safety functionality (FuSa) standard. It brings forth a very secure, powerful and highly efficient automotive computing platform equipped with scalable and highly targeted on-demand OTA software data and update management capabilities. 
An enhanced reliance on Electronic Control Units (ECUs), sensors, software, and MCUs (microprocessors) for empowering upcoming autonomous vehicle systems with simultaneous collection of data from millions of vehicles and complexity & integrity of securely managed OTA software has enhanced desire for an automotive-standard solution that will have high-performance telematics processors that are supported by data management solutions and OTA software update. As the director of Automotive Advanced Systems Innovation Department, Automotive System Business Division at Renesas, Craig Johnson, states, “Airbiquity OTA service delivery is a perfect complement to Renesas R-Car SoC processor technology for the autonomous-driving era. “Bringing the two together enables an efficient, secure, high-performance solution to power the next wave of advanced vehicle features for automakers and automotive suppliers around the world.”