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Minimum Power Loss in Super-Compact Size Current Sensor BM14270MUV-LB for Consumer Devices and Industrial Equipment by ROHM

Submitted By: 

Shreepanjali Mod

Recently, ROHM introduced industry’s smallest contactless current sensor called BM14270MUV-LB capable of achieving minimum power loss in super-compact size. It is perfectly compatible for consumer devices and industrial equipment that  identify functional conditions via current. The range of such devices includes data centers servers, solar power systems, battery-driven drones, and so forth.

High level safety countermeasures and power visualization in high-power based applications has been in demand on account of worldwide acknowledgement of  energy conservation and environmental safety. This has led to rising demand for current sensors.

Fig. 1: Representational Image of BM14270MUV-LB - The Smallest Current Sensor in Industry by ROHM

The traditional current sensors with Hall elements usually consumed high current with much lower sensitivity. These sensors draw large quantities of current leading to higher power losses. Till date, the market was craving for a sensor that has high sensitivity and lower power requirements in a compact form factor.

ROHM is now filling this gap with BM14270MUV-LB that caters both these requirements by permitting completely contactless detection of current. The BM14270MUV-LB was created by combining sensor control technologies with ROHM’s premium semiconductor production with Aichi Steel’s Magneto-Impedance (MI) element. This combination results into contactless current sensing ability that removes any need for drawing current inside the sensor. All by itself, the sensor uses very low amount of current i.e. just 0.07mA and is available in smallest size at 3.5mm square.

The most special thing about this sensor is that it comes with a disturbance magnetic field cancellation function that offers complete protection against noise eliminating the shielding requirement. ROHM plans to keep working in direction of enhancing safety and comfort for complete society. They plan to keep adding new devices that perform better with more reliable sensors that are much needed in industrial equipment and IoT devices.

Key Features

●      Contactless current detection that helps in attainments of better system reliability with minimal power loss.

●      The design and size are both compact which optimizes the device perfectly for battery-driven devices.

●      The built-in disturbance magnetic field cancellation function completely neutralizes the shielding requirement.

●      Its digital output facilitates detection of current when mounted in high power applications and servers.


●      In mechanical equipment that draw high power like ACs, factory automation, robots, and so on.

●      All battery-powered equipment.

●      Perfect for all applications demanding current monitoring.

●      Perfect for infrastructure like energy storage systems, servers, solar power systems, power measurement devices, and so forth.