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All You Need To Know About NXP S32 Software Development Kit

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Shreepanjali Mod
The S32 SDK (Software Development Kit) is a comprehensive set of middleware, RTOS, peripheral drivers, and peripheral abstraction layers. It has been designed to speed up and simplify application development on NXP automotive processors and microcontrollers. The S32SDK plays a key role in bringing down the table-to-market time for automotive MCUs and processors. Not only that, it also accelerates the rate of customer application deployment and ensures complete cross-platform portability by offering automotive-certified software components at zero cost. 
Fig. 1: Image Showing S32 SDK Architecture 
The kit has been designed to create synergy between customer applications and NXP automotive microcontrollers. Here are the features you can count on:
Can be integrated with multiple IDEs. 
Capable of integrating multiple RTOS, middleware, and stacks. 
It can support multiple device families in one go. 
Comes with documented source code and examples. 
Backs both premium and free toolchains. 
It has a multi-layered software framework. 
Configuration is graphical-based. 
Available completely free of cost. 
Embedded production-grade software. 
The S32 SDK holds a high-hand over all others for its ability to stay compatible with wide range of smart automotive software. Whether it is about body control modules or driver assistant system, it can help in development of all NXP based microcontrollers and processors.