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AOI Examination With AI Inference System

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Shreepanjali Mod

AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) refers to automated visual inspection of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacture. Here, a camera scans a given device autonomously for quality defects as well as catastrophic failures.

Fig. 1: Flow Chart Showing How Deep Learning and Edge Computing Transforms AOI Defeat Classification
Such inspections are usually used in manufacturing processes since these are non-contact test methods. During manufacturing processes, quality defects can enter at any point of time and impact the overall quality of a given product. It is essential to identify such defects properly especially the defects that can kill its overall appeal.

Fig. 2: IEI AOI Inspection with Intel OpenVINO™ Toolkit

Higher is the accuracy of defects classifications, lower goes the amount spent on repair and review stations. This can be applied on various stages of manufacturing processes like the pre-reflow, post-reflow, solder paste inspection or the bare board inspection stage.