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Baidu Plans To Integrate Responsibility Sensitive Safety Model From Mobileye Into Apollo Program

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Shreepanjali Mod

A few days back Baidu announced its plans to integrate and commercially fuse Mobileye’s Responsibility Sensitive Safety (RSS) model in the commercial Apollo Pilot and open source Project Apollo programs. The firm also plans to take-in the Surround Computer Vision Kit by Mobileye and bring out as a visual perception solution. This one is to be integrated in Baidu’s proposition that is to be made to the Chinese OEM market.


Fig. 1: Baidu RSS
(Image Source: Intel Newsroom)


The success of Mobileye RSS model depends to quite an extent on this safety collaboration between Baidu, Intel, and Mobileye. The model came into limelight almost an year back and would be significant in delivery of a full proof driving solution for autonomous vehicles specifically over challenging roadways of China.

The general manager of Baidu’s Intelligent Driving Unit, Weihao Gu, adds, “Our team recognizes the value and critical role that Mobileye's RSS model plays in safely deploying autonomous driving. Project Apollo will integrate RSS to successfully enable safe driving today, and drive further autonomous research on China's roadways.”

Apollo has been designed to come up as a “secure, reliable, and open self-driving ecosystem” that would help members of autonomous driving industry create their own purely autonomous vehicle systems without any delays. Currently, the project has 116 global partners enlisted with it. RSS is a transparents and open formal model that promises safe assurance of AV decision making. It accomplishes this task by formalizing rational human-centered concepts that define safe driving.

The Mobileye Surround View Camera kit has been blessed with 12 cameras located around a vehicle. The computer vision and software from Mobileye leverages the combined view of camera into a comprehensive and unified CV solution for autonomous cars. As the Chief of systems architect for Intel’s autonomous driving program puts it, “At Mobileye, safety assurance of automated vehicles is one of the most important issues facing the AV industry, and we are pleased Baidu has agreed to join us in this effort to deliver verifiable safety of AV decision-making into the China market.”