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Blackberry and Renesas Bring-in R-Car Based Development Environment That Integrates Security, Functional Safety, and Virtualization

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Shreepanjali Mod

The premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, Renesas Electronics Corporation, and Blackberry Limited recently declared that they plan to expand their association to provide an integrated functionally safe, virtualized, and secure development environment for the Renesas R-Car SoC (System-on-Chip) devices. The QNX software by Blackberry will be used in development of this new system that has been brought forth under the current strategic association for an advanced connected and autonomous driving technology.

Fig. 1: BlackBerry and Renesas Bring-in Software Development Environment for R-Cars

As the Head and Senior Vice President of QNX at Blackberry puts it, “We are very proud to build upon our long-standing relationship with Renesas to provide a leading safety-certified development environment solution for the Renesas R-Car system-on-chip (SoC) devices with BlackBerry QNX software. Together, BlackBerry and Renesas are enabling our customers to rapidly introduce safe and secure, high-performance cockpit systems.”

Masayasu Yoshida, the Renesas’s Automotive Technical Customer Engagement Division Senior Director, further adds, “The combination of BlackBerry and Renesas technology is used in many volume production programs globally. This speaks directly to the quality of the relationship between our companies. BlackBerry QNX software is always highly reliable. For Renesas, a company that strives to provide safe and secure solutions, BlackBerry is the best possible partner and we plan to continue our joint development efforts moving forward."

There is a rising demand for fully integrated, highly reliable software and hardware in Chinese markets. All of these customers need super-fast development velocity for creation of connected transportation. Also, in coming years, both BlackBerry and Renesas would keep accelerating the development of an integrated cockpit systems as well as connected car systems and would strengthen their joint efforts for full-scale ECU (Electronic Control Unit) and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) integration.