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A Closer Look At Gen-Next AI Experiences Enabled By 5G Technology

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Shreepanjali Mod
Arm recently announced the release of its brand new portfolio of IPs that is designed to blend the best of IoT, 5G, autonomous driving, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to breed most viable solutions. It is one firm that seems totally dedicated to new age solutions ranging from networks to clouds. 
Fig.1: Image Showing Key Features of Mali G52 Processor
You know how all smartphone experiences are judged for their hardware performance and features that support new innovations in software. Here, CPU holds supreme significance as its handles all general and specialized tasks. The same stands true for the more immersive uncensored AR/VR apps as well as HD gaming. This new premium IP suite from Arm will not only perform the tasks mentioned in last few lines but much more than that. Let’s learn about each one by one. 
Mali-G77: The global gaming market is expected to reach $150 billion by end of this year. It is one of the biggest revenue market and demands the best-in-class compute requirements. Arm Mali™ - G77 GPU takes care of that challenge through its Valhali framework that improves the performance by 40% over its predecessor. It also features a key microarchitecture enhancements including texture pipes, load store caches, and engines that ensure 30% more energy efficiency as well as performance density. 
Arm ML: This one promises the best efficiency for AI performance. The ML compute platform includes the Arm ML processor along with open-source Arm NM software framework that is now shipping more than 2500 million Android devices. Since this platform is having more and more number of users, developers need to start looking for better ways to extract benefit of NPUs (Neural Processors). Arm iis catering this requirement by enhancing the energy efficiency of ML processors. You may check out all the details at
Cortex-A77: The new advanced Arm Cortex-A77 CPU promises AR/VT and ML experience through its 20% IPC performance improvement. It comes with a unique combination of software and hardware optimizations. The last two generations of Cortex-A7x series processors have enhanced the overall performance level of ML by 35x. 
Do you know what is the biggest challenge today- the overwhelming number of solutions present in market. The infinite list of hardware architectures and software options increases the ecosystem fragmentation. This complicates scalability from network edge to cloud. Developers are also facing issues with adoption of new technologies since 5G will demand both higher scales of efficiency and performance.
For successful mass application of immersive experiences, we will need systems that optimize every single building block that work in synchrony sharing a common toolchain. It will let developers have an easy access to performance. Currently, it is only Arm that is in capability to provide every single piece of IP needed for complete compute solution. All the new products discussed above provide a clear glimpse of what more can be done with smartphones in 2020.