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Congatec Brings-in 8th Gen Intel Core™ Mobile Processors Over Embedded Form Factors

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Shreepanjali Mod

World’s leading seller of customized and standardized embedded computer boards and modules, Congatec, recently introduced embedded form factors with brand new 8th Generation Intel Core™ Mobile processors. One of the first in world, this new launch includes COM Express Type 6 Compact modules, Thin Mini-ITX motherboards, and 3.5-inch SBCs.

Fig. 1: Image Showing 8th Generation Intel Core™ Mobile Processors 

All these new addition give Congatec a leading position with respect to introduction of new processors capable of surviving through space-constrained and harsh environments. The best part is that Congatec is providing early access to OEM customers and leverage the first-to-market strategies.

A completely new and advanced high-end processor technology, it will pull up the performance of devices by approx. 40% which is way ahead as compared to the earlier U-Series processors. These new processors will be enabled by 4 and not 2 cores along with a better grade microarchitecture.

Newly developed processors are prime sources for bringing up embedded versions of new microarchitecture productions. These reach the market way before their embedded iterations. As compared to their embedded counterparts, the consumer grade processors are deficit in lasting support which might not be the top priority in the race for creating high-performance embedded systems.

Even OEM consumers who are happy with such arrangements need a reliable and strong embedded form factor. These structures can make ideal use of COM Express Type 6 modules, Thin Mini-ITX motherboards, as well as the hybrid embedded 3.5-inch SBCs. These products are perfect even for those vendors who need to make use of embedded variants in series generation.


● 1.8GHz quad-core Intel Core i7-8565U mobile processors that pulls up the performance level by 40%.

● 4 cores with a more efficient microarchitecture.

● Memory designed to match boost in performance.

● Two DDR4 SODIMM Sockets up to 2400 MT/s that can be availed for up to 64GB.

● Native support for USB 3.1 Gen2.

● The SuperSpeed+ interface can transfer up to 10Gbps which means even uncompressed UHD videos can be transferred from camera to monitors.

● 3.5-inch SBC.

● 1x DisplayPort ++ along with power supply for peripheral devices.

● COM Express modules back similar features over carrier boards.