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Consumer Electronics To Be Safeguarded By Hybrid Protection Modules

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Shreepanjali Mod

Littelfuse recently offered a solid layer of protection for high-end wearable electronics and consumer products with its first series of bidirectional TVS Diodes. These diodes will safeguard all above stated electronics from ESD-generating events like overvoltages and sustained overcurrents.

The first TVS Diode Array from the SP1333 Series, the SP1333-01-UTG, features a breakdown voltage of 3.3V and back-to-back diodes created with proprietary silicon avalanche technology. The back-to-back configuration of these diodes paves way for symmetrical data line protection from ESDs as high as ±30kV. It safely absorbs repetitive ESD strikes without any degradation in performance.

Fig. 1: Image Showing Littelfuse SP1333 Series Diodes

The low clamping voltage of these diodes also allows the entities of this series to bear surges above or equal to 5A as well as an extended operating life for all the electronic products they keep safe.


Plethora of electronics instruments will benefit from the SP1333 Series TVS Diode Arrays. The major ones include tablets, small size panels, portable navigation devices, MP3/PMP devices, portable medical devices, smartphones, mobiles, point of sale terminals, and a few others.


Though added safety is the prime benefit offered by these diodes, there are a few other noteworthy points that you must take note of:

●  A unique combination of higher surge tolerance as well as ±30kV ESD safety from all kind of electrical dangers.

●  Very low level parasitic leakage that has been optimized to increase operating life of electronics.

●  Very low capacitance that aids in keeping signal integrity safe and keep data losses lowest.

The business development manager of TVS Diode Arrays (SPA Diodes) at Littelfuse, Tim Micun, further adds, “The SP1333 Series completes our portfolio of TVS Diode Arrays in compact 0201 packages, which now covers the full breakdown voltage range from 3.3V to 36V. This addition to the line simplifies the designer’s job by eliminating the need to source devices for this breakdown voltage from another vendor.”