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Dialog Semiconductor Introduces Programmable Multi-Channel LDO Regulator with Highest PSRR Performance and Absolute Lowest Noise

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Shreepanjali Mod
Dialog Semiconductor Plc is well reckoned for offering highly integrated power management, AC/DC power conversion, audio, and Bluetooth low energy technology. The firm recently introduced its advanced CMIC (Configurable Mixed-signal Integrated Circuit) device with industry-leading LDO (Low Dropout) regulator performance, the SLG51000. 
Fig. 1: Representational Image Showing CMIC Product SLG51000 That Targets High-End Smartphone Cameras and Digital Cameras
The SLG51000 also features the high highest PSRR (Power Supply Rejection Ratio) and lowermost output voltage noise for any programmable multi-channel LDO over the market. This makes it perfect for empowering advanced sensor and camera systems. 
System power designers need to cope up with very stringent noise budgets while designing high-end camera modules or advanced sensor system for end-consumers that need highest quality images from smartphones, smart imaging devices or digital cameras. The SLG51000 exceeds all power performance requirements for applications like this. This is way ahead of the present market solutions that provide considerably higher output voltage noise and pretty low PSRR at higher frequencies. 
The technical specifications of this device provide it a leading positions among sensor and imaging power solutions. The industry leading PSRR of 73dB @ 1MHz and lowest output voltage noise at 10µV. 
Every single one of its 7 channels offers output current across a range of 475-800mA. 
It also brings down board space with configurable output voltage setting, resources, and sequencing meet multiple project requirements to narrow down the chances of sourcing, redesign, and time needed for quality assessment. 
While working with SLG51000, developers will be able to create range of control logic and functions for applications like fault signaling, glue logic, input conditioning, and custom power sequencing. 
The IC’s GUI-based development software adds to the ease of use during development. 
In Maker’s Words
John McDonald, the Marketing VP of CMBU Dialog Semiconductors adds, “Today’s launch of the SLG51000 highlights the success of our CMIC design capabilities following the acquisition of Silego Technology. The CMIC’s advanced features demonstrate DIalog’s excellent power management design strengths coupled with Silego’s proven CMIC platform, characterized by product flexibility, fast support and an awesome GreenPAK™ designer software platform. The SLG51000 is one of the several key new products in our accelerated business growth strategy moving forward.”
He further concludes, “With camera performance becoming one of the key differentiators of high-end smartphones, device manufacturers need to delivery the absolute best image quality from their image sensors within increasingly compact devices and are facing tighter noise budgets as a result. The SLG51000 is cutting-edge when it comes to meeting those noise budgets, with the nest LDO performance available for imaging and s