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Digi-Key Brings Forth The Most Efficient and Simplified BOM MTBF Prediction Service

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Shreepanjali Mod

Digi-key Electronics, one of the most renowned electronic components distributor, along with BQR Reliability Engineering Ltd. recently presented a collaboration to give our a powerful yet simple MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) calculator that would assist Digi-Key’s customers all across the globe.

Fig. 1: Image Showing BQR MTBF Calculator Screenshot 

With this venture, Digi-Key aims to pave way for cost-effective and more optimized usage of BQR’s software solution in the much wanted SaaS mode. It will help them in evaluation of products’ BOM (Bill Of Materials) MTBF. 

Why It Needs A Close Consideration?


● It simplifies the task of calculating MTBF for BOMs in any dimension.

● Working with it is super easy. You just need to export BOM file and tap “Launch Calculator” on Digi-Key’s official site.

● Its online app has a library smart data auto-complete for BOM components making use of AI, a faster calculation engine, and in-detail graphic and Pareto reports.

● It is 100% safe and secure and the results and library can be saved over desktop.

● Quick “What if” analyses, components quality level checks can be made to enhance the product MTBF.

In Maker’s Words

The founder and CTO of BQR Reliability Engineering, Yizhak Bot, says, “The new BOM MTBF application will enable Digi-Key customers to easily compare different BOMs MTBF, making sure the design meets the reliability goal early in the design process, before manufacturing. With Pareto reports showing the more unreliable components, it will ensure the selection of components that balance reliability and cost. It will also provide measures for warranty analysis, design reviews, tenders, product data sheets, and design trade-offs.”


As the VP of Applications Engineering at Digi-Key, Randall Restle, puts it, “Digi-Key is excited to launch this new MTBF calculator which enables customers to see the component dependencies that their circuits are relying on and helps them determine the best of parts to use. Digi-Key and BQR want to make it fast and easy for customers to achieve their design and end-product goals.”