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Fifty Plus Suppliers Extend Industry Leader Mouser’s Line Card In 2018

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Shreepanjali Mod

Mouser Electronics Inc. last year made a mark by adding more than 50 suppliers to its line card. Being an industry leader, it solidified its hold on crowning position by bringing the total number of suppliers close to 80. The expansion of network allows Mouser to avail better customer base, procurement options, engineers, as well as component design and buyers. 

Fig.1: Representational Image of Mouser Electronics Inc. 

The increase in number of embedded suppliers allows Mouser to strengthen its core focus on IoT (Internet of Things) systems. Currently, it offers the most extensive assortment of products under the the latest semiconductor and electronic components domain. The firm has largest collection of such products on this planet.

Fig. 2: Image Representing Mouser’s New Supplier Roundup 

The Senior Vice President off Products at Mouser Electronics; Jeff Newell, adds, “Mouser is uniquely focus on offering our customers the industry’s widest selection of the newest products and technologies from a broad range of the leading electronic component manufacturers. Adding this significant number of new suppliers reinforces Mouser’s reputation as a one-stop shop for all the board-level components and associated development tools necessary for total project design.”


The extensive product line and unmatched customer support allows Mouser to empower innovation for buyers and design engineers by bringing highly advanced technologies in the world. For now, it is proud to offer the largest selection of advanced electronic and semiconductor components for all upcoming design projects. Its’ official site reflects how rapidly it is moving forward in every sphere providing the customers with more advanced and efficient search methods for locating inventory on its site.

List of New Supplier

The most notable suppliers added by the firm include:

●  Micron

●  Samtec

●  Marvell

●  Sigfox

●  Sudoo Systems

●  New AE Technology