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Fujitsu Brings-in A Better Way to Manage Medical and Health Information With its “Healthcare Personal Service Platform”

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Shreepanjali Mod

Fujitsu recently came up with its own Healthcare Solution called “Healthcare Personal Service Platform”. It will work as a PaaS (Platform-as-a-service) solution that will address issues related to consumer-centric offerings management as per medical and health information.

Fig. 1: Image Showing Fujitsu’s Healthcare Personal Service Platform 

This new services will integrate and aggregate the individual personal health records paving way out for safe usage and storage of medical and health information. All services pertaining to this platform have already started working in full potential since 13th February, 2019. Fujitsu aims to offer such services through the experience and expertise gathered by it in past years while it was developing EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and healthcare network systems. Currently, the firm owns biggest market share in Japan with respect to these two systems.

The sole aim of this new platform is to allow more efficient storage of robust data and optimum utilization of sensitive personal medical and health information. This platform will help Fujitsu provide full support to local authorities and companies in making best use of medical and health information provided by individuals and other information sources.

What’s So Interesting About It?

The Healthcare Personal service Platform by Fujitsu will allow users to centrally use and manage healthcare data of individuals for lifetime. It will pace up designing and creation of cross-industry services via accurate medical and health information including the one held by pharmacies and authorities.

This platform will play a key role in formation of a society that works on high added value services customized to individual scale and support a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

What Are The Most Noteworthy Features?

● Complete data access control via personal consent of users which makes it a highly safe and secure system.

● Supports guideline from three different ministries including  the MInistry of Economy, Trade and Industry; MInistry of Internal Affairs and Communications; and MHLW.

● A standard interface optimized to make full usage of healthcare information.