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Cooling Control Technology To Bring Down Data Center Energy Consumption Substantially

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Shreepanjali Mod

Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. recently introduced its cooling control technology that would reduce the power consumption of data center cooling equipment to a specific level. The widespread use of AI services has compelled datacenters to go for high temperature generating and better performing computing systems, this also means that this will lead to higher electricity consumption by these. This has subsequently paved way for higher demand for mediums that reduce energy consumption especially for cooling systems, this one takes responsibility for approx. 30-50% of energy consumption inside the datacenter.

Fig. 1: Representational DIagram Showing Working of Cooling Control Technology Developed by Fujitsu

For now, most data centers are making plethora of efforts to keep energy bills down for air conditioning as well as cooling systems. There are several others that are also looking for optimal settings to bring down power consumption. However, this is not enough and they will need to take further steps for effective maximization of power efficiency. The new cooling control technology developed by Fujitsu Laboratories will play a crucial role in determination of rate at which external air is to be introduced considering both humidity and temperature. It will also determine the optimum temperature settings by scaling the degree of effect rendered by every single cooling system on specific parts of datacenter leading to significant reduction in energy consumption required for cooling.

To accomplish this task, Fujitsu Laboratories has introduced algorithms that control the intake of external air for minimizing energy consumption of cooling systems and efficient cooling through precise determination of heat generating areas. This advanced system will sync with the previously developed Fujitsu Laboratories technology to forecast conditions within an hour in near future and control operations for effective minimization of power consumption with time.