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Fujitsu Carries Out Memory Expansion Technology Field Trials, Gets Successful In Achieving System Performance Equivalent for 10 Servers

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Shreepanjali Mod

Fujitsu Laboratories and Fujitsu Limited recently declared that they conducted a thorough field trial of the memory expansion technology at its India based Sify Technology Limited’s data center. The results of this trial concluded that application of this technology on a server helps in achievement of system performance equivalent to 10 servers. Resultantly, in comparison to average systems like technical servers, it is capable of improving system performance up to 3.6 times. With the help of this technology, Fujitsu is also able to certify that it can improve the in-memory systems processing that offer high speed responsive performance by processing data in server’s memory. The firm further plans to move ahead through application of this technology to other products.

Fig. 1: Image Representing Configuration of Fujitsu Field Trial System
(Image Source: Fujitsu)

In last few years, the total volume of data taken-in by companies has reached to a new level. This further increased the demand for processing higher volumes of data at more efficient speeds. In-memory systems that store data in memory are restricted by physical memory capacity that can be installed on every server. Thus, performance can be restricted while processing higher volumes of data since complete data can easily be loaded inside the memory. To address this issue, Fujitsu came with a memory expansion technology in November 2015. This was a software technology that took control of SSDs capable of using flash memory for virtually expanding memory capacity. The recently finished field trials took place at Sify owned data center that had a strategic partnership with Fujitsu since 2015.