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Fujitsu Develops a new AI-based Algorithm to Measure Heat Stress Levels in Workers

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Neha Rastogi
Fujitsu Limited has developed a new AI-based algorithm that will help in estimating ongoing heat stress in workers such as security guards. The platform has been named as Human Centric AI Zinrai. Through this technology, Fujitsu aims to enhance solutions deployed on its digital business platform that use IoT to support on-site safety management. 
The new algorithm will be made available from July end while the implementing solutions will start from June through September. The algorithm will be incorporated in a field trial with security guards at the Kawasaki Plant. 
Due to the heat wave, a lot of workplace casualties have been reported in the recent years and in 2016 the number reached to 450. As a result, there is a need for heat stroke countermeasures for security and other operations at outdoor events. To counter the issue, Fujitsu’s new algorithm aims to enhance the safety of outdoor workers in extreme environments.
Fujitsu Develops a new AI-based Algorithm to Measure Heat Stress Levels in Workers
Diagram depicting the Internal Field Trial of the new Algorithm (Image Courtesy: Fujitsu)
The earlier used devices could measure data including humidity, temperature, and pulse, primarily in manufacturing and construction sites. However, the new algorithm can measure the heat stress levels that accumulate over time for employees who work outdoors in summer. Moreover, it can be combined with the previous algorithm to manage workers’ safety in a wide range of situations. 
The new algorithm can extract characteristics of high heat stress from the stock of actual data evaluated by experts. This enables in estimating the accumulated heat stress in the same way as labour science experts would. It would facilitate for users to observe the status of individual employees in situations that don’t require a great deal of activity like security guards who spend long hours standing in the sun. 

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