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Fujitsu Starts Using Blockchain For “Virtuora DX” Data Utilization And Distribution Service

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Shreepanjali Mod
Fujitsu yesterday announced launch of its Intelligent Data Services Virtuora DX Data Distribution and Utilization Service, the Virtuora DX. The Virtuora DX is a cloud service that allows organizations and companies to improve the visibility, sharing, and speed up the process of creation across multiple verticals using data frameworks. It hits the markets on same day of its launch. Virtuora DX is constituted by Fujitsu VPX Technology, a Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. baby, that can enhance the capability of this blockchain for creation of data interchanges within companies without exposing confidential information to any external environment. 
Virtuora DX allows its users to keep data within their environment and register the same with a consortium present inside Virtuora DX. The Virtuora DX is composed of participants who are in it together with sole aim of using shared data. The registration takes form of “Data Jacket” apart from attribute and Data ID information. The “Data Jacket” here is a work product of Professor Yukio Ohsawa who works for Department of Systems Innovation, School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo. The registered Data Jacket gets shared inside the consortium as a network of connections amidst relative data that is visible to all participants. The final result is better co-creation between businesses and improved usage of services among participants working with consortium.  
The Data Distribution And Utilization Centre Proposed By Fujitsu
Fig.1 : The Data Distribution And Utilization Centre Proposed By Fujitsu 
Fujitsu also plans to extend the Virtuora DX features like further addition of functions that permit firms to encrypt their data and send it across securely to particular parties. All these new features of Virtuora DX will be contributing to the digital transformation of firms using this system. If you wish to take a closer look at this system you can always attend the Fujitsu Forum that is due to take place on 17-18th May at the Tokyo International Forum.