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Fujitsu Widens The Horizons Of Managed Security Services For Better Protection Against Varying Cyber-Attacks

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Shreepanjali Mod
Fujitsu recently announced expansion of the Fujitsu Security Solution Global Managed Security Service. This service is known for providing aa centralized lifecycle support for all kind of issues ranging from system restoration to cyber attack prediction. The firm plans to bolster its cloud as well as endpoint security along with a close analysis of threats received from dark web. Fujitsu plans to accomplish this task by providing a complete package that includes deployment, maintenance, and operations for Cybereason EDR. It has officially named this package as “Fujitsu Security Solution Cybereason EDR Service” package. The Fujitsu Security Solution Cybereason EDR Service is capable of detecting cyber attacks from unknown sources over endpoints with aid from machine learning. 
Enhanced Areas Of Global Managed Security Service
Fig.1 : Enhanced Areas Of Global Managed Security Service
(Pic: Fujitsu Press Release)
For cloud users, the Japanese giant is providing a special service to users that employs Microsoft 365 E5 where Fujitsu will work on behalf of Microsoft with other active integrated security services that will detect, defend, and respond to cyberattacks. Fujitsu also plans to offer a services that grants personalized reports to users with details of dark and deep web threats. Both these services hit the floors in Japan by August 2018. Apart from these trio package of services, Fujitsu also plans to bring-in “Fujitsu Security Solution Global Managed Security Service Express” in Japan that would speed up deployment by providing a only required parts package for the pre-existing Global Managed Security Service. 
Moving ahead, Fujitsu will also extend support to customers for business continuity by consistently increasing its Global Managed Security Services with the help of cutting edge security technology that would contribute to creation of a more secure and comfortable networked society. If you wish to take a close look, you can always visit the Fujitsu Forum 2018 that is slated to be held at that 17-18 May at the Tokyo International Forum in Tokyo.