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Google Brings-in Better Features For Maps, Adds Visual Images

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Shreepanjali Mod

Google recently announced a revised form of Maps that makes use of a complicated visual positioning system for better and more clearer navigation. The product director of the company, Aparna, Chennapragada showed it at the ongoing I/O conference at Google. She also added that through this new version Google is fusing the best of computer and camera vision with Streetview as well as Maps. It would definitely redefine the walking navigation.

Fig. 1: Representational Image Showing New Version of Google Maps

Aparna said that she carefully noted how often users were compelled to move around in real world to align with the blue dot that marks their location in the Maps. In order to keep away any such confusion, Google Maps will now show 3D directions like illuminated arrows and very precise steps telling that a specific destination is just a few feet away.

The lower half of the screen will simultaneously show the traditional Maps for convenience of users. Along with, the camera would keep panning all along the street and automatically highlighted the main points of interest in close vicinity like retail stores, cafes, and so forth. Lastly, the product director added that as a fun initiative, the team working on Maps would be experimenting with a completely new digital avatar that would further help the users finding their way through busy streets.