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Harsh Outdoor Conditions On Railroads To Be Addressed With IP67-rated and EN50155-TX-Certified Railway Computer System

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Shreepanjali Mod

IBASE Technology Inc., one of the leading suppliers of motherboards and embedded systems, recently announced the MPT-3000RP fanless embedded PC designed especially for railway applications.  A recipient of Taiwan Excellence Award, it is a IP67-rated and EN50155-TX-Certified system that provides exceptional shock and water resistance for all types of outdoor applications while meeting the IIoV, Intelligent Internet of Vehicle needs and requirements.

Fig. 1: Image Showing EN50155-TX-Certified and IP67-rated Railway Computer System

As the Senior Product Manager of IBASE, Conrad Ai, puts it, “Our MPT-3000RP comes with rugged and reliable design, featuring robust M12 connectors for fail-safe connection and fault-free data transmission for rolling stock operating environment. It supports -40 to 70° C operating temperature and a variety of power input to meet railway standards and deployment harsh conditions, as well as industrial applications.”

The MPT-3000RP gets empowered with an Intel Atom™ E3845 processor along with 4GB onboard DDR3L-1333 memory. It also comes with in-built M12 connectors capable of accommodating 1x VGA, 3x COM, 2x GbE, 1x CAN, and 1x GPIO bus. This computer platform works quite reliably with complete vehicle battery power control while taking in interchangeable modular power supplies that support 110V/72V/9V-36V DC for catering variety of needs. This unit has been designed with a GPS module along with very high computing performance to offer most precise location and position coordinates along with data related to surroundings as the vehicle is one the move. This one also packs in with a enriched set of connectivity with dual SIM sockets with half-size Mini PCle, three M.2 sockets, full-size Mini PCle, WWAN redundancy for 2280, 3042 and 2230 modular card types.

The list of major MPT-3000RP features is as follows:

  • A wide range of GPIO interface voltage.
  • Ignition power control.
  • Intense I/O interfaces for wireless WWAN, GPS, and SSD.
  • Dual SIM Sockets that provide support to WWAN redundancy.
  • Very strong M12 connectors for dual USB, GbE, as well as the power input.
  • Ruggedized and fanless design.