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High Speed Hyperloop Crucial Test to be Conducted in Nevada

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Neha Rastogi
Hyperloop One, previously known as Hyperloop Technologies, is aiming to commercialize the high-speed transit envisioned by Elon Musk. In a bid to take the concept a bit forward towards practicality, the company is conducting several tests of the Hyperloop; out of which a crucial one is going to take place in Nevada.
The company will conduct a test run in which a pod measuring 28 foot i.e. 8.5 meters, will be hurled down on a set of tracks. The transit system will be aimed towards achieving the speed of 250 mph i.e. 402 kph in its upcoming phase of testing. Interestingly, the results from Hyperloop’s test run in Nevada desert on 12th May were recently revealed in which a Hyperloop pod sled on wheels for the first time and moved above a track using magnets.
High Speed Hyperloop Crucial Test to be Conducted in Nevada
High Speed Hyperloop Crucial Test to be Conducted in Nevada (Image Courtesy:
As per the official claims, it levitated for 5.3 seconds in a vacuum-sealed tube and sprinted up to 70mph i.e. 113 kph. Apart from this, another test run had already grabbed everyone’s attention last year. It was conducted in an open air track instead of a tube. 
The engineers who are backing up this futuristic technology envision the pods to reach 750mph i.e. 1200 kph. The transit is claimed to bring a cost-effective commute which is not only faster than any other means but would also allow people to stay hundreds of miles away from their workplace and they would still reach work on time.
However, others opine that the whole idea is subject to a range of real life problems like obtaining construction permits as well as making turns at jet speed. According to some scientists and engineers, it’s going to be expensive, impractical and might also affect the passengers physiologically, in unknown ways. 
Coming back to Hyperloop One, the company has touted the technology’s potential as a rapid-transit option and has raised funds worth USD160 Million. Hopefully, the technology would succeed in transporting passengers and cargo into pods through a system of vacuum tubes.