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IAR Systems and Secure Thingz Reach Next Level of IoT Security With Launch of C-Trust and Embedded Trust

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Shreepanjali Mod

IAR Systems, one of the best suppliers of software tools and services for embedded development, along with Secure Thingz recently announced that availability of security environment Embedded Trust™ that can be implemented in designs via embedded development toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench.

Fig. 1: Representational Image

It is an A-class combination because Secure Thingz is one of the global leaders in terms of embedded systems, device security, as well as lifecycle management. The integration of these technologies will help designers including security development in their everyday development workflow. In the embedded industry, security takes prime spot. The exponential growth of IoT has led to demand for better protection of intellectual data and property. It has become a matter of prime concern. It is crucial to implement good security measures that have always been a challenge since securing systems and framework is not a forte for most developers.

IAR addresses this issue in association with Secure Thingz by providing better solutions for more streamlines, simplified, and measurable security implementation. The Embedded Trust environment takes fuses a very secure hardware built with advanced microcontrollers that offer both secure services and low-level trust anchors for more efficient and reliable IoT solutions.


● Certificate management

● Integrated identity

● A Scalable Secure Boot Manager

● Release management with update and versioning infrastructure

● Integrated Manufacturing Excellence in terms of secure deployment

Apart from Embedded Trust, the two partners also offer the C-Trust ™ for the ISR Embedded Workbench. C-Trust acts as an extension to the IAR Embedded workbench development toolchain. It will allow the application developers deliver encrypted and secure code. The development team will be able to import the Security Context Profile either with the help of profile built by some Embedded Trust user or an already existing profile.

 In Maker’s Words

The IAR Systems CEO, Stefan Skarin, adds, “Our customers need to trust that their applications remain secure across their lifecycle and comply with the legislation that is evolving rapidly around the world. At the same time, they need to be able to remain efficient and use the development processes they already have in place. By making security a natural part of day-to-day development, we are staying true to our mission of being with our customers all the way, providing complete and simplified development workflows.”