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IAR Systems Initiates A New Comprehensive IoT Module Development NXP

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Bijal Parikh
IAR Systems, one of the most future-oriented suppliers of software services and tools for embedded development, recently declared tool support for the latest LPC54018 MCU-based IoT module from the NXP Semiconductors. The made use of a supreme level development toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench meant for ARM. it would allow developers to easily and quickly develop highly potent applications based on latest module. 
The IoT module extracted from LPC54018 MCU shows complete support for Amazon FreeRTOS, along with a seamless Wi-Fi connectivity with Amazon Web Services (AWS). it would also allow the developers to establish cost-effective, secure IoT solutions. This new module would also be capable of providing infinite memory extensibility, it is a trust root created on on-chip cryptographic accelerators and embedded SRAM PUF (Physical Unclonable Functions). The credits can be to the simple software libraries from AmazonRTOS that simplify  cloud-on boarding as well as over-the-air management of devices. The development tools from IAR systems can now be availed for this IoT module offering best-in-class code optimization technology and comprehensive debugging functionality paired with certified technical support across the globe. 
The IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm along with IAR C/C++ Compiler is capable of producing codes in an efficient and fast manner due to the outstanding  optimization of speed. The shortest possible execution time, it is the best options for development of low-power, best performing applications like new innovations based on this latest IoT module. According to Product Manager of IAR Systems, Anders Lundgren, puts it, “We recently announced support for the new IoT microcontroller operating system Amazon FreeRTOS from Amazon Web Services. This support in combination with the powerful code optimizations and debugging capabilities of IAR Embedded Workbench will enable developers to leverage the full potential of the new IoT module from NXP.”