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Integrated Optical Module From Analog Devices Brings Down The False Smoke Detector Alarms And Meets Up The Latest Regulatory Standards

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Shreepanjali Mod
Analog Devices yesterday launched the ADPD188BI - an integrated optical module. It can be distinguished among all others from a distance via its two LEDs, analog front end (AFE) and photodiode all integrated in one single package. The high performing AFE promises higher ambient light rejection along with reducing power consumption that leads to longer battery life. 
Fig.1: ADPD188BI-Can-Reduce-False-Fire-Alarms
(Image Source: chipsnwafers)
The two LEDs also help in reducing false alarm situations that are often resulted from dust and steam. False alarms happens to be one of the biggest issues with detectors that are either removed or disabled by consumers. As per the National Fire Protection Association, almost one out of four people in United States die because either the smoke detectors weren’t working properly or had been disabled. 
The ADPD188BI has been engineered to meet up with new UL217 requirements along with EN54/144604 specifications. The integrated design of this module makes use of two colors that separate particle sizes and enhance the ability to classify and detect smoke types rejecting unwanted sources. The ADPD188BI also permits a back-scattering design with closer proximity with LED to the photodiodes that brings down the circuit board size and allows the smaller smoke detectors that are more compatible architecturally for commercial and domestic premises. 
Major highlights of the product include:
Blue (470nm) and IR (850 nm) LED
3.8 mm x 5.0 mm x 0.9 mm module powered with integrated optical components. 
SPI and I2C communications. 
Two advanced sensor inputs. 
20-bit burst accumulator that allows 20 bits per sample period.