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Intel Releases 9th Generation Core Processors At Its Fall Desktop Launch Event

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Shreepanjali Mod

Yesterday, Intel kicked off the 2018 Fall Desktop Event and brought-in the 9th Generation of Core Processors also named as the Intel Coffee Lake Refresh. Now, let’s talk about the products.

The Intel 18 Core i9-9980XE goes from 3.0-4.4 GHz while the other one, the Threadripper, the 2990WX clocks from 3.0-4.2GHz. Definitely, the speeds are going to be faster than other Intel cores. Intel Core i9-9980XE is capable of working 27% faster while rendering in Maya and its editing speed in premiere is 108% faster. When integrated with Unreal Engine, it will build the game approximately 13% faster. It is because, the Ryzen Threadripper 2nd Generation’s memory latency, along with, Intel has been able to generate  much more faster processor with boost/base clock speeds.

Fig. 1: Image Showing Details of X-Series Processors 

The firm also claims that it would do much more than just building some cores. The presentation quoted that, “Performance is the balance of architecture, design, and frequency.”. Intel is now comparing the 18-core Intel Core i9-9980XE with the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX. But those who were expecting new Turbo Boost Max Technology might be disappointed.  The firm is still busy with version 3.0 that allows one to push the two fastest cores of the processor.

Intel's new 9th generation Core-X  family  also comes with new 9 CPUs. It also showcased the new Intel Xeon high end processors. It seems AMD  has triumphed the  fight  formaximum  cores”. However, Intel is not bothered about fighting on this front. As for the prices, the Intel Core i9-9900K can be obtained for $488 while the Intel  Core i7-9700K  can be purchased for $374.  Intel Core i5-9600 K can be availed for $262. All of the new generation processors makes use of 14nm++  process.