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Let’s Learn A Few Things About An Artificial Engine That Knows Your Emotional Status

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Shreepanjali Mod

If you ask Dr. Anbang Yao, the Senior Staff Research Scientist from Intel labs China, he is actually helping machines take a look at the world like humans. Currently, Anabeg is leading a very small team of AI (Artificial Intelligence) researchers at Intel’s Beijing based lab. The team is busy making progress on advance computer vision, a distinct research field that permits machines to learn more deeply from digital content. Their final aim is to create computers that are capable of understanding and detecting emotional stature of a person. The task is accomplished by teaming up microphone and cameras with AI software.

Fig. 1: How AI Engine From Intel Detects Emotions?

(Image source: SgImpact

Almost three years back, this team was able to come up with a highly sophisticated, intelligent software that is capable of detecting different human emotions like contempt, surprise, happiness, sadness, fear, disgust, as well as anger. The work was well reckoned all over the globe and they also won first prize at the 2017 Worldwide AI competition known as EmotiW. A small version of Anbang’s AI engine can now be availed in Intel RealSense cameras. 

The engine does this job by simultaneously weaving data collected from both audio and video in its recognition engine. This led to development of “confidence score”, a specific figure that indicates the degree of confidence AI has in results it produces. This is the basic key that makes it superior from all its counterparts that only rely on visual data. 
Anbang further adds that, “I grew up watching advertisements of computers on my family's aging television, and I somehow always knew I wanted to be a computer scientist one day. Today, the work we're doing in this field is going to change many lives. I can't wait to see how our customers are going to use our technology in their products."