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PolySwitch setP™ Series Temperature Indicator to keep the USB power Delivery charging cables from overheating.

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Shreepanjali Mod

Littelfuse Inc. recently brought-in its PolySwitch setP™ Series Temperature Indicator that keeps the USB power Delivery charging cables and Type-C charging cables from any kind of overheating. They made this announcement at Electronica India, one of the biggest International Trade Fair for Electronic Components, Applications, and Systems that took place in Bengaluru.

Fig. 1: Image Showing PolySwitch setP™ Temperature Indicator
(Image Source: Littlefuse

Whenever a USB Type-C cable connector traps in dirt, debris, and dust, it results in creation of a resistive fault right from power line to the ground. If consistent, it can lead to  development of fatal rise in temperature without enhancing the current. The power-independent setP gets sensitive about increase in temperature, this alters the charging port to shut off the power flow. When the user disconnects cable and gets rids of debris, the cable is able to resume regular operation. The constricted 0805 footprint of the setP temperature indicator permits solutions to be smaller than their counterparts by 50%. When a protective device is placed on the power line leads to power loss. A similar setP device can always be used for keeping cables safe that are designed for 100W, 60W, and 15W operation. Common applications of setP Series Temperature Indicator include power supply along with a USB-C attached cable as well as the USB Type-C connectors for charging cables meant for wearable and mobile devices.

As Todd Phillips, the Global Market Manager of Electronics Business Unit of Littelfuse quotes, “ The setP offers the smallest, most energy-efficient solution available on the market, helping to provide protection against overheating.USB Type-C can support high power levels, which makes this protection solution especially important.”