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Littelfuse Brings-In New Modular CAN Controller

Submitted By: 

Shreepanjali Mod

Littelfuse recently introduced something very exciting - the MicroPlex™. The MicroPlex™ happens to be one of the smallest automotive grade CAN controllers in present day market. It is a highly innovative module that is completely suitable for myriad of automobile applications. It eases the process of programming and configuration of special figures for users allowing them to customize the MicroPlex™. Other required details for the MicroPlex 7X, 7H and 7L controller are as follows:

● Input Voltage Range - 9V - 30 V DC

● IP Class: IP67 whenever it is used with the standard devices.

● Clock Frequency: 40MHz

● Ignition ON Rating: 6mA

● Ignition OFF Rating: 0.14mA

Fig. 1: A Representational Image of MicroPlex 7X, 7H, and 7L 
(Image Source: Littelfuse)

As for MicroPlex SSR18 & SSR30, the noteworthy features are as follows:

● Input Voltage Range: 12VDC

● IP Class: IP67 while it is used with IP67 Micro 280 Fuse as well as Relay Box Housing

● PWM-Capable: The frequency range here goes up to - 200 Hz.

● Current Rating SSR18: 18A

● Current Rating SSR30: 30A