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Littelfuse SIDACtor(R) Protection Thyristor Keeps CVBS Signal Lines Safe From Dangerous Overvoltage Transients

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Shreepanjali Mod

Littelfuse Inc. launched the first PxxxxS4xLRP Series SIDAC Protection Thyristor two days back. The thyristor promises a robust protection against CVBS (Composite Video Blanking Sync) signal ports from disastrous overvoltage transients.

Fig. 1: Image Showing Littelfuse SIDACtor Protection Thyristor 

It represents a unique fusion of 6V operational voltage along with 100A 5/310 µs surge peak current ability and a very low junction capacitance rating. All these make the P0080S4BLRP perfect for securing a comprehensive portfolio of devices requiring data line protection. The PxxxxS4xLRP Series offers a surface-mount, compact solutions that uncomplicates the PCB layout designing process.


The PxxxxS4LRP Series SIDACtor Protection Thyristor applications can be seen across following domains:

● CAN Bus

● RS-485, RS-232 data lines

● STBs (Set Top Boxes)

● Data Communication

● Cameras/TV CVBS Cables

What All Does It Offer?

The PxxxxS4LRP Series SIDACtor Protection Thyristor brings following things to table:

● Its concise surface-mount SOD-123FL package eases its inclusion into PCB frameworks.

● As compared to all other existing solutions in market, it brings-in much better power density for a much smaller footprint making it a preferred option for product designs needing precision.

● Lastly, it comes with an operational voltage of 6V with 100A 10/700µS, 4kV surge peak current ability along with a junction capacitance that falls under 30pF making it ideal for lower voltage signal line protection applications.

What’s The Maker Has To Say?

Littelfuse’s Electronics Business Unit product manager, Jack Tung adds, “For these applications, peak-to-peak signal voltage is within 1.1V and driver IC VCC voltage is less than 5V, so a protection component with a voltage higher than 6V is generally recommended. The PxxxxS4xLRP Series minimum operating voltage of 6V and 100A 5/310µS surge peak current capability meets this requirement and its junction capacitance of less than 30pF is well-suited for 4.43MHz CVBS signals.”


This products can be availed in SOD-123FL packaging in a reel and tape format in volumes of 3,000. Users can place sample requests through authorized distributors of Littelfuse across the world.