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MAI602-M4D80 Fanless Motion Control System Supports Smart Machine Automation

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Shreepanjali Mod

IBASE Technology Inc. recently announced the MAI602-M4D80 motion control system suitable for numerous factor production applications like material handling systems, semiconductor wafer handling, packaging, and automated optical inspection.

Fig. 1: Representational Image of IBASE MAI602-M4D80
(Image Source: Ibase)

The MAI602-M4D80 from IBASE receives power from 6th/7th Gen Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 desktop processors. It also comes with a 4-axis motion control PCIe card that caters all positioning and performance accuracy demands of high-performance step/servo motors.  For using the same for visual inspection application, the motion control card comes with an integrated camera with a position comparison trigger. The system comes with in-built 80-ch isolated digital I/O card for monitoring and controlling the switches located around digitaal signals and keeping a control on alarm signals. Another model known as  “MAI602-B” comes with two slots for accommodating various control cards. Along with, the Mini PCI-E over board backs up IBASE’s Field Bus MotionNET modules for additional I/O and movement control functionalities.

The robust MAI602-M4D80 happens to be a fanless, compact system designed for operating at comfortable temperature up to 50 degrees Celsius inside a non-airflow environment. It is also equipped with defence against accidental reverse polarity under and over voltage. The compact system has been designed with rapid heat dissipation and simpler installation along with enclosure vents that permit airflow to the inner components and heatpipe mechanism for rapid cooling,  and effective lowering of system temperature. For more ease in user installation of hardware, the I/O interface of system and cable routing have all been positioned over the same side.

The dimensions of this system go by 275mm x 40mm x 117mm, it comes with mount bracket that is provided with installation and an optional DIN-rail bracket. Its adjustable I/O interface includes DVI as well as DisplayPort display connectors, two serial ports, audio line-out, 2-pin power-button terminal block, as well as 3-pin 24V DC-in terminal block.