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One Of The First Authenticator IC With SHA3-256 Cryptographic Engine launched by Maxim

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Shreepanjali Mod

Maxim Brings In One Of The First Authenticator IC With SHA3-256 Cryptographic Engine. The most developed crypto-strong authentication of industry can now be used by embedded system designers effectively with the help of DS28E50 DeepCover secure hash algorithm 3 (SHA3-256) authenticator IC. The IC has been developed by Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. With the help of SHA3-256, the DS28E500 will be able to deliver the most advanced technology for the challenge-and-response authentication offering the best defense against any kind of unauthorized usage, counterfeiting, or any other sort of application issues in a safe and secure IC solution suitable for teams with either less or absolutely no cryptography expertise.

Fig. 1: Image Showing DS28E50 DeepCover secure hash algorithm 3 (SHA3-256) authenticator IC 

With increasing risks, embedded systems keep on getting under attack by highly sophisticated hackers. Designers are now trying to keep product integrity against aftermarket counterfeits and solidifies the assurance that sensors located in these devices are quite genuine and not any kind of substandard clones. The DS28E50 offers an advanced ability to embedded system developers for keeping away counterfeiting, uncertified use of connected devices and aftermarket cloning.

As the senior analyst of Cybersecurity Technology from IHS Markit Technology, Tanneer Johnson adds, “Embedded security is definitely one of the largest concerns with regards to the IoT, especially in efforts to protect intellectual property from compromise. SHA3-256 is one of the newest and most robust cryptographic algorithms available, and any solutions that utilize it are ahead of the curve.”

Scott Jones, the managing director of Embedded Security at Maxim Integrated, further adds, “Our latest authenticator benefits applications that require effective crypto-secure challenge-and-response authentication for securing peripherals, sensor data, usage control and feature setting. Fortified by the SHA3-256 cryptographic engine and ChipDNA PUF technology, the DS28E50 provides industry-leading security to protect our customers’ equipment.”