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Maxim Buck Controllers and Converters Brings-in Industry’s Best High-Voltage Automotive Power Solutions

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Shreepanjali Mod

Maxim Integrated Products Inc. recently introduced power management ICs that are smallest in size and highest efficiency in industry. These ICs will assist automotive designers in meeting next-generation space and power challenges for automotive applications.

Fig. 1: Representational Image Showing Maxim’s New Buck Controllers and Converters

A lot of systems including electronic subsystems, radio heads, and digital instrument sets demand very high level of computation power. The new multiphase buck converters and controllers will balance high efficiency and EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) mitigation with low power consumption. 

Since automotive systems are getting more and more sophisticated due to rising levels of electronic components, the systems will need higher power microprocessors for better supervision and control of functionality. As more and more powerful USB hubs, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), navigation systems, infotainment system, and instrument clusters are being incorporated in vehicles, these are pulling up the growth of power-management annually by 10 percent.

This growth rate is bringing new challenges to designers who need better idas to manage efficiency, power consumption, solution size and EMI for attaining the performance required in space-constrained, harsh automotive environments. Maxim’s range of automotive-grade ICs helps designers meet such tough challenges.


Maxim’s ICs provide multitude of options for taking care of DC power since automotive OEMs are transitioning from 20-watt processors to 50 watt AI based platforms. The 3.5mm x 3.75mm size of these buck converters make these solutions the smallest in industry. The FCQFN (Flip-Chip Quad-Flat-No-Leads) packaging of these devices brings down the high-frequency switch node ringing and completely removes bond wires bringing down the MOSFET switch on-resistance and enhance overall efficiency of system.


MAX20004, MAX20008 and MAX2006 8A, 4A, and 6A high voltage synchronous buck converters with integrated low-side and high-side MOSFETs promise lowest switch resistance of 18mΩ and 38mΩ. One of the prime benefits of these pin-compatible devices is 25µA quiescent current, 93 percent peak efficiency, and operating input voltage of 3.5-36V. Similarly, MAX20098 synchronous buck converter will be useful in medium to high power requirements that work with input voltage ranging from 3.5V - 36V