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Maxim Promotes A Healthier World With Wearable Platforms For Fitness And Health Applications

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Shreepanjali Mod

MAX-HEALTH-BAND now enables designers to extract vital signs as well as raw data for the wearable designs created by them. Maxim also allows the designers to keep a check on clinical ECG (Electro Cardio Graph) as well as heart rate via MAX-ECG-MONITOR.

(Image Source: Maximintegrated )


The MAX-HEALTH-BAND development and evaluation platform is a heart-rate and activity monitor worn on wrist. It is equipped with MAX20303 wearable power-management solution, MAX86140 standardized pulse-oximeter/heart-rate sensor, as well as the motion-compensated algorithms from Maxim. 

(Image Source: Maximintegrated )

The MAX-ECG-MONITOR is also a development and evaluation platform that is equipped with MAX30003 clinical-grade, ultra-low power AFE (Analog Front End) that keeps a check on heart-rate and ECG signals. It can be availed in two form factors - a chest strap for fitness applications and a wet electrode patch for clinical applications.

There are so many designers who struggle hard to come up with heart-rate solutions for fitness and health wearables. It is basically because of the complexity included in designing of cool optical solutions as well as motion-compensated algorithms that slow down the pace of design process. Designers also need to consider expectations and needs of customers that range from reliable accuracy to comfort, convenience, and enduring battery life. The MAX-ECG-MONITOR and MAX-HEALTH-BAND development and evaluation platform resolve such challenges.

As the business development director at Movesense, Jussi Kassinen, puts it, “Developers creating monitoring devices don’t always have the special expertise in measurement technology, visual and mechanical industrial design, signal processing, and algorithm development. On the other hand, consumers want comfortable wearables with long battery life and reliable accuracy. Fully productized and commercially available Movesense-based applications such as the MAX-ECG-MONITOR enable customers to go to market quickly, while also providing high performance and comfort.”

Also, the executive director of Maxim Integrated’s Industrial & Healthcare Business Unit, adds, “With these end applications, software companies and startups can significantly accelerate time to market by using them right out of the box. The MAX-HEALTH-BAND, for example, is a complete solution allowing customers to design a heart-rate and activity monitor in its entirety—using either their own algorithms or the one we created for them.”