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Maxim’s DSM Smart Amplifier To Aid In Disclosing Complete Potential of Micro Speakers

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Shreepanjali Mod

Maxim Integrated Products Inc. recently unveiled the MAX98390 smart amplifier with DSM (Dynamic Speaker Management) algorithm. A one of its kind, it promises better efficiency in delivery of richer, clearer, and louder sound for the lowest quiescent power in complete industry.



Fig. 1: Image Showing Maxim’s MAX98390 Smart Amplifier with DSM Algorithm 

It is a boosted, digital Class D DSM smart amplifier that brings out the inherent audio power of speakers by slowly driving up their power levels. It can be subjected to speakers with much lower power range that usually lies between 1-3W.

The shrinking process of consumer devices needs smaller speakers that can fit inside smaller form factors. These have led to increasing inclination towards usage of micro speakers. As more and more speakers are shrinking in size, the SPL (Sound Pressure Level) or loudness goes down as resonant frequency goes up, this results in loss of bass. If you drive any of the speakers any harder to pull up the bass and loudness response, it can easily ruin the micro speakers through over excursion and heating.

Maxim’s MAX98390 resolves this problem through integrated IV (current and voltage) sense. Maxim’s DSM algorithm also comes in use and helps in pulling up the speakers from their pre-defined thresholds while keeping them safe from over-temperature and over excursion events.

The thermal protection offered by DSM helps designers to keep pushing the speakers beyond normal boundaries safely and let it reach the maximum loudness. It can easily help in generating sound approx. two octaves beneath resonant frequency limit.

Key Features

  • Simplicity: Its great ease-of-use is ensured by Maxim’s brand new DSM sound Studio software GUI that allows the designers to clearly hear out the difference in DSM within minutes through the Quick Demo feature. It quickly characterizes with one’s own speakers bringing down the design work and time.
  • Deeper and Louder Quality of Sound: The amplifier helps in yielding up to 2.5 times of SPL and 2 octave deeper bass as compared to the regular 5V amplifiers in small form factors.
  • Mass Production: The on-chip resistance testing can easily be used on production lines to assure quality and higher impedance tolerance of speakers.
  • Best Power Consumption in Industry: It features the industry’s lowest quiescent power with ~24mW. Also promises peak efficiency of 86 percent with modified Class D Amplifier. Further improves the efficiency by 25 percent without any loss of audio fidelity.

In Maker’s Words

As Michael Van Den Broek, the senior application engineer for PUI audio, puts it, “Meeting customers’ audio expectations given available size and power constraints gets tougher each day. Having a simplified turnkey solution like the MAX98390 in our toolbox to increase the ability of our micro speakers makes the job easier and out customers much happier -- which is the ultimate goal.”