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Mouser Electronics Piles Up Maxim MAX5995B PMIC for 802.3af/at/bt Power On Ethernet

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Shreepanjali Mod

Industry’s leading NPI (New Product Introduction) distributor is known for the most comprehensive collection of electronic components and semiconductors. Recently, it buzzed the tech world for taking in stocks of MAX59995B PMIC (Power Management IC) from Maxim Integrated.

Fig. 1: Image Showing The Latest PMIC By Maxim Integrated 

A legendary product, this small sized PMIC promises a unique interface for PD (Powered Devices) that will sync with the IEEE 82.3af/at/bt standard in a PoE (Power over Ethernet) framework. Mouser now offers Maxim’s MAX5995B PMIC featuring PD loaded with detection signature, an integrated isolation power switch with a startup inrush current control, and a classification signature. This product is also capable of backing up a multi-event classification method stated in IEEE 802.3bt standard.

This PMIC will send signals to specify Type 1-4 PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment). The best part about it is its ability to offer a PG (Power-Good) signal to differentiate Type 1 PSE (Power SOurcing Equipment) to Type 4 PSE. The MAX5995B PMIC can also offer a PG (Power-Good) signal, foldback control, over-temperature protection, and two-step current limit.


● A highly Intelligent MPS (Maintain Power Signature) functionn

● An input undervoltage lockout

● Long De-Glitch time for compensating twist pair cable resistive drop

● Ultra-low-power-sleep mode

● Capability to assure glitch-free transition during power on/off


The MAX5995B PMIC can be availed in a 5x5 mm TQFN power package that can work across a temperature range of 40-85 Degree Celsius.


It is suitable for a number of devices like building automation systems, lighting automation systems, picocell base stations, small cell base stations, wireless access points, IP security cameras, as well as VOIP phones.

Why Should You Consider MAX5995B PMIC?

The unmatched customer service and extensive product line of Mouser makes it one of the best innovators that works for both buyers and engineers with pioneer technologies. Currently, the brand stores that most expansive collection of advanced electric components and semiconductors for all latest design projects. If you are one who likes to go for nothing less than the best then Mouser definitely deserves to be on top of your list.