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New S32K144 Control Kits Bring Down The Development Time Considerably

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Shreepanjali Mod
 The completely new ready-to-use, compact S32K144 Development Kits have been designed for 3-phase motor control applications. These need a single PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) or just one BLDC (Brushless DC Motor). You can avail these kits with all required software and hardware components and enjoy the most complete out-of-the-box experience by cutting down the prototyping and development time. The best part, it gets the motor spinning in less than 10 minutes. 
1. S32K144 PMSM Control Kit: Named as the MTRDEVKSPNK144, it is designed to support 3-phase control applications needing a single PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor). The category includes devices like electric powertrain or active suspension. This one takes root in 32-bit Arm Cortex based S32K1 microcontroller family and allows paced up evaluation and prototyping of motor control applications. One doesn’t need to wait for final hardware design to accomplish the task. The MTRDEVKSPNK144 application software benefits from Automotive Math and MOtor Control Library Set and offers a wholesome reference implementation of 3-phase PMSM motor control application. Main features include:
2. 3-Phase BLDC Development Kit with NXP S32K144 MCU
a. Integrated Circuit - GD3000, a 3-phase Brushless Motor Pre-Driver
b. Compatible with DEVKIT-MOTORGO integrated motor control shield. 
c. Offers support to low-voltage PMSM motors. 
d. MCU peripherals initialization produced by Processor Expert. 
e. Comes with embedded MCAT tool 1.1 part of a the software package. 
f. FreeMASTER visualization/configuration support. 
3. S32K144 BLDC Control Kit: The MTRDEVKSBNK144 also supports sensorless applications needing a single BLDC (Brushless Direct Current motor) like electric pumps, HVAC units, and so forth. It is rooted in the 32-bit Arm Cortex-M based S32K1 microcontroller family and paves out way for rapid evaluation and prototyping of BLDC applications. Key features include:
a. Higher compatibility for DEVKIT-MOTORGD integrated motor control shield. 
b. Comes with onboard interface for LIN 10 PN7462 samples and CAN bus and SCl.
c. Bears high functionality for stall fault detection, under-voltage, overcurrent, and DC-bus overvoltage. 
d. Backs up low-voltage PMSM motors. 
e. ANSI-C based SW formed in S32 Design Studio for Arm v1.3 created on S32 SDK v1.0.0