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Now Car Positioning And Control Get Super Precise With More Accurate MEMS Sensors From STMicroelectronics

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Shreepanjali Mod

STMicroelectronics, a leading global supplier of semiconductors, recently came up with an automotive-grade ASM330LHH which is a six-axis inertial sensor. This sensor can be used for super-high-resolution motion tracking in highly developed telematics and vehicle navigation applications.

Fig. 1: The Precision Automotive ASM330LHH Sensor
(Image Source: ST)

The ASM330LHH is capable of serving all kind of requirements for accurate consistent vehicle location that supports automated services. It also  allows highly developed dead reckoning algorithms precisely estimate the vehicle position from sensor data if satellite signals get blocked anyway. Such conditions mostly arise in dense forests, parking garages, covered roadways, tunnels, urban canyons.

The ASM330LHH is much advanced than all its counterparts, the sensor has been bestowed with a temperature stable- low noise design that pave a way for telematics services like tele-diagnostics, e-Call assistance, e-tolling, and stuff like that. The Precision inertial data across six axes meets the requirements of advanced automated-driving systems.

Magneti Marelli has chosen the ASM330LHH for the latest telematics systems that can be fitted as original equipment through global automotive groups in present in upcoming ranges of vehicles. ST owns the complete manufacturing process of the ASM330LHH which means it takes full responsibility for designing, packaging, testing, calibration, as well as supply of this sensor. This end-to-end control over the complete process leads to generation of ultra-performing sensors that assure customers about a responsive and robust supply chain with quality screening.

Andrea Onetti, the Vice President of MEMS and Sensors Group in STMicroelectronics adds, “ST is the largest supplier of MEMS sensors for automotive non-safety applications, such as navigation and telematics. Our latest-generation inertial sensor, the automotive-grade ASM330LHH, enables precise positioning for safer, smarter driving." Engineering samples of it can be availed for evaluation by third quarter of this year while its mass production will starts in last quarter of this year. The budgetary price begins somewhere at $5.00 for all the orders that exceed 1000 units