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NXP Aims Voice, Audio, and Video Aspects of IoT Products

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Shreepanjali Mod

The recent CES witnessed the NXP’s latest approach to voice, video, and audio requirements of IoT products. The firm has designed a latest range of applications processors that will take care of all these factors specifically. According to the firm, the family of processors introduced by NXP, the LMX 8M family takes care of main inflection points present in speakers network of audio, voice recognition, streaming media, as well as the movement to 4K High Dynamic Range Video.

The VP of industrial and consumer application processors, Martyn Humphries, adds, “Prior to this, there weren’t any viable processing solutions that addressed voice, video and audio requirements without being overkill. With i.MX 8M, customers can get the exact solution for their needs.” These devices sport around four 1.5 GHz ARM Cortex-A53 along with Cortex-M4F, high speed connectivity, and some very flexible memory options. These processors have also been blessed with HDR video quality and 4K Ultra HD resolution that has some 20 audio channels and DSD512 audio.

NXP targets audio, voice and video in IoT products

The company is currently offering some four devices called Solo, QuadLife, Quad, and Dual. The Dual and Quad versions have 2-4 A53 cores respectively along with 4kp60 and Cortex-M4F, VP9 and h.265 video capability. Both of these have also been embedded with a GC7000Lite GPU while QuadLife has four A53 Cores, a GC7000Life GPU and a M4F core. The Solo comes with an A53 Core, a GC7000nanoULTRA GPU and a M4F core. The firm will be producing limited samples of these devices in the beginning of 2017 and a mass production will take place in the later part of this year.