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NXP Introduces EdgeLock™ SE050 Promising Better IoT Security and Maximum Flexibility

Submitted By: 

Shreepanjali Mod

You can now avail enhanced CC EAL 6+ featured security with the EdgeLock SE050 product family. It promises unprecedented security against myriad of attack scenarios. It is a completely ready-to-use safe element for all IoT devices. You can stay assured about it at the IC level and yields complete end-to-end security right from edge up to the cloud. And all this gets accomplished without writing any code.

Fig. 1: Image Showing NXP EdgeLock SE050

The EdgeLock™ SE050 comes to you in a ready-to-use format and includes a product support package that resolves the design-in problems. Time from design table to market is thus reduced to a considerable extent.


  • The flagship 40nm NXP based IntegralSecurity framework.
  • DEs and AES decryption and encryption.
  • ECC & RSA functionalities, future proof curves and higher length key that includes Montgomery, Edwards, and Brain pool.
  • CC EAL 6+ certifications up to the Operating System level. This ensures availability of a much safer environment for running all pre-installed IoT applets from NXP. All these applets will be in capacity to support secured lifecycle management and fully encrypted communications.
  • SCP03
  • I2C slave for high-speed mode at 3.4 Mbps and I2C master for fast mode at 400kbps.
  • Small footprint HX2QFN20 packaging i.e. 3z3mm.
  • Temperature range goes from -25 to +85 degree Centigrade while the extreme end of temperature goes as down as -40 and as up as _105 degrees centigrade.
  • Well protected flash user memory that goes up to 50kB.
  • Supports the major TPM functionalities.
  • A completely contactless interface for late-stage parameter configuration of devices without power.

The lock family also features a pin-to-pin configurations along with use of case-driven feature sets.