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NXP’s NTAG Smartsensor To Play A Key Role In Industry 4.0

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Shreepanjali Mod

Let’s begin with the simplest beginnings, defining NTAG SmartSensor. It is one of the smallest edge computing devices that collects and uploads data directly over the cloud through NFC interface. And the best part is that it can do it even without any real-time connection.

Fig. 1: NXP’s NTAG SmartSensor 

Another most noteworthy factor about NTAG Smartsensor is, that it provides single-chip solutions blending the connectivity of NFC with autonomous data logging, sensing, and data processing. It can combines with companion chips like sensor or radios solutions in a seamless manner.

Why NTAG SmartSensor Needs To Be Considered For Industry 4.0?

There are a number of reasons for why NTAG SmartSensor is a good choice for Industry 4.0. You may like to get started with the major ones:

  • It can easily recognize the errors and anomalies inside a rotating production means.
  • Adds onto the existing equipment in a seamless manner.
  • It can also upload the detected anomalies data over the cloud.
  • Consumes much less power, very thin in size and has incredibly small size.
  • Organizes communication under harshest surroundings and much poor connectivity.
  • Keeps the machine break downs at bay via scheduling automated maintenance.
  • It can a play a key role in boosting longecity as well as the efficiency of machinery.
  • Easily analyses parameters like light, vibration, shock, humidity, temperature, and orientation.


NTAG SmartSensor applications range from animal tagging to industry 4.0, agriculture, packaging, logistics, patient adherence, along with personal health.