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NXP’s S32K ISELED Solution 1Smoothens The Development of Dynamic, Smart LED Lighting Application

Submitted By: 

Shreepanjali Mod

ISELED is an open alliance that takes in the goal of providing the most wholesome system solution for myriad of automotive lighting applications. This approach is a benchmark with respect to communication protocol for taking control of dynamic and static LED arrays in industrial and automotive lighting applications.



Fig. 1: Image Showing NXP’s S32K1 MCU 

The automotive-certified S32K1 MCU based on NXP’s 32-bit Arm Cortex-M backs up the ISELED protocol via ISELED software driver. The ISELED software driver that is now being offered for further usage in production-grade SDK as well as in the AUTOSAR environment.

ISELD is a technology for generation-next  smart LED lighitng system specifically in automotive applucations. However, it is still applicable to industrial solutions. Basically, it takes care of communicatio and calibration issues ni present day LED lighting system by keeping out the expensive external processes. This ensures well-balanced light parameters to embedded processing in RGB LED.

Most Noteworthy Features

  • Smart LED Module that has RGB LEDs + INLC100Q16 ISELED Driver IC inside a single packaging.
  • The customized ISELED part numbers have the driver in it along with the production license.
  • ISELED Communication Protocol takes care of 4079 LEDs at video speed.


  • Roof lighting.
  • Display backlight.
  • Functional lighting.
  • Dynamic lighting effects.
  • Ambient lighting.
  • Automotive lighting.