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Power and Safety Scalability Offered By The Advanced NXP PF81/PF82 PMICs

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Shreepanjali Mod
The PF8100/PF8200 PMIC family specifically caters the requirements of high-performing processing applications like sensor fusion, vision fusion, ADAS, vehicle networking, clusters, telematics, infotainment, etc. These are being offered in two version that take care of different market needs:
The PF8100 is the fundamental version of this products with digital control and power management without any functional safety features for systems not needing ASIL-B compliance. 
The PF8200 comes loaded with functional safety that complies with ISO 26262 standard and offers a flexible and powerful solution for ASIL-B (D) automotive applications. 
Fig. 1: Representational Image Showcasing PF8200 PMIC
Fig. 2: Representational Image Showcasing NXP PF8100 PMIC
This family will perfectly serve applications based on S32V, i.MX 8 and i.MX 8X processors. These are also suitable for empowering Layerscape LS1043A and several other high-performing processors. It also comes with seven high-efficiency buck converter and four linear regulators that have potential to empower the memory, processor, and miscellaneous peripherals. 
Four linear regulators with load switch alternatives. 
Approx. 7 high-efficiency buck converters. 
Watchdog monitor/timer. 
OTP (One-Time Programmable) device configuration. 
RTC supply and coin cell charger. 
3.4 MHz I2C communication interface. 
56-pin 8 x 8 QFN package. 
System Features
Rapid PMIC startup. 
Programmable soft start sequence with power down sequence. 
24 channel analog multiplexer that serves needs of smart system diagnostic/monitoring. 
Programmable regulator configuration. 
User programmable off and standby modes. 
PGOOD monitor. 
Highly developed state machine for seamless processor interface.