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Qorvo Adds A Unique RF Portfolio of FEM and LNA Filters, Amplifiers, and Modules To Its Product Lineup

Submitted By: 

Shreepanjali Mod

Qorvo recently announced addition of an innovative RF portfolio of LNA and FEM modules, amplifiers, and filters in its range of products. All these new add-ons will cater an extended range of systems like CATV broadband, base stations, and 5G systems. It eases lot many mammoth tasks for designers across the globe. Here is a breakdown of all new products:

1. 26-30GHz GaN Front End Module: Known as QPF4001, its main features are as follows:

●  TX small signal gain: 27dB.

●  Frequency range: 26-30GHz.

●  TX linear power stands at 23dBm @ 3%EVM

●   RX noise figure = 3.5dB

●   RX small signal gain is at 17dB

●   Perfect for 5G wireless base terminals and stations.

●   5x4x1.8mm laminate QFN package.

Fig. 1: QPF4001 

2. Dual Channel Switch LNA Module: Named as QPB9337, its noteworthy features include:

Fig. 2: QPB9337

●  32-pin 6x6mm leadless SMT packaging.

●  2.3-3.8GHz functional range.

●  Second LNA with bypass mode.

●  8W max average Pin in Tx mode.

●  1.3dB NF @ 3.5 GHz.

●  Most suitable for 5G mMIMO & wireless systems.

3. Band 7 BAW Duplexer: Named as the QPQ1270, it has following noteworthy points:

Fig. 3: QPQ1270

●  It offers high rejection at some key frequencies.

●  2x2.5x1.015mm SMP package.

●  Lower passive intermodulation available.

●  Much lower insertion loss.

●  High power: 30dBm over DL @ +95C.

●  Perfect for small level cell base stations.

4. 28dB CATV Power Doubler Amplifier 47-1000MHz: Named as QPB8957 it has following:

Fig. 4: QPB8957 

●  BW = 47-1218MHz.

●  Shows high gain at 28dB @ 1000MHz.

●  Highly adjustable bias.

●  Perfectly suitable for DOCSIS 3.0 as well as all kind of broadband CATV systems.

●  56dBmV/ch virtual 1.2GHz @ 19dB tilt.

●  40-pin 5x7mm QFN package.

●  Flawless composite distortion.

Very compact size 40P 5.0 x 7.0 QFN.