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Renesas Electronics Accelerates The Development Of Its ADAS, Autonomous, And Cockpit For CES 2018

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Bijal Parikh
The world famous provider of advanced automotive semiconductor solutions, Renesas Electronics Corporation, recently declared its plans for development of new generation autonomous, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and connected cockpit vehicles. The three Renesas demonstration vehicles by Renesas feature several advanced systems ranging from sensor fusion to connected cockpits to ADAS, these vehicles are equipped with several integrated systems ready to be imbibed in newly produced cars. These systems will allow the Tier’s 1s and OEMs to resolve the complications related with designing of autonomous vehicles as the industry is rapidly pacing ahead from testing and simulation. The proximity to product development process is pretty short now. These new vehicles will be part of Renesas trusted, innovative, and open Renesas Autonomy Platform that will be basis for automated driving and ADAS meant for delivering a complete solutions for autonomous driving. The Renesas Autonomy would allow its maker to make significant contribution to a secure and safe environment that will be created by autonomous driving era. 
The firm has also added several evolutionary updates in the system that include LiDAR, better safety to its present autonomous LIncoln MKZ as well a  ADAS Cadillac cars, GPS, and an embedded vision. It is also bringing-in a latest Renesas Connected Cockpit Vehicle that would be an advanced Dodge Ram 1500 truck representing fusion of cloud-based and embedded technologies capable of providing more personalized and integrated in-car experience. Renesas will be showcasing the vehicles at the CES 2018 under the Future Ready Solutions Showcase and Renesas Advanced and Autonomous Test Track. The showing is slated in Las Vegas on 9th January, 2018. As the Vice President of Renesas Automotive Systems Business Division puts it, “Faster time to market, flexibility for future-proofing, lower bill of materials cost, manufacturable design – these are just some of the ongoing challenges OEMs and Tier 1s are facing when developing production-ready autonomous-driving and connected cockpit vehicles. The enhanced Cadillac and Lincoln vehicles, and the new Connected Cockpit Dodge Ram vehicle help OEMs and Tier 1s deal with these challenges, and accelerate their autonomous-driving and connected cockpit development. We have been
overwhelmed by the positive response to our current integrated platforms, and are excited to build on that collaboration with our amazing group of partners.””