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Renesas Electronics Integrates Automotive ECU with 28nm Cross-Domain Flash MCU With Virtualization

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Shreepanjali Mod

Renesas Electronics Corporation recently launched world’s first microcontroller (MCU) loaded with embedded flash. The MCU integrates hardware-based virtualization-assisted function while keeping up the real-time, fast performance of RH85 products.

Fig. 1: Image Showing Renesas 28nm Cross-Domain Flash MCU, RH85/U2A 

One of its kind, the hardware-based virtualization assist technology is capable of supporting up to ASIL D functional safety level paving way out for higher system integration level. Called as RH850/U2A MCU, it is one of the first members of Renesas’ cross-domain MCUs.

For those who are not aware, cross-domain MCUs represent a completely new generation of automotive-control devices. These devices are designed to deal with the rising need to integrate myriad of applications in a single chip that would result into a unified ECU (Electronic Control Unit) for an evolving E/E (Electrical-Electronic) architecture.

Where Does It Come From?

This new class of MCUs takes roots into 28 nanometer (nm) process technology. It works on the key functions from Renesas’ RH850/Px Series meant for chassis control as well as the RH850/Fx Series meant for body control. Both these product lineups that promise delivery of better performance along with simultaneous implementation of a virtual assistant that helps in working of safety/chassis, domain control, body while keeping up the real-time performance standard needed to keep vehicles in control.

Key Features

● The RH850/U2A MCU represents a unique combination of network connectivity, on-chip security, and high-performance. Being a cross-domain RH850/U2A MCU it can take care of worse of workloads related to automotive control applications including low/mid-range gateways, domain control, chassis/safety, and body.

● It promises fast paced real-time performance along with hardware-based virtualization-assisted function that speeds up ECU integration for complicated ASIL D compliant automotive-control systems.

● It meets the rising demand for MCUs with large built-in capacity flash memory that supports OTA (Over-The-Air) functionality that wirelessly and automatically updates ECU software for controlling programs without interfering with other vehicle operations.

● It has been equipped with up to 16 MB built-n flash ROM along with 3.6 MMC SRAM.

● Features expanded network connectivity for Autonomous Driving Systems and ADAS.


The RH850/U2A can be availed from the first quarter of 2020