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Renesas Electronics Introduces Complete Integrated Cockpit Reference Solution

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Shreepanjali Mod

Renesas Electronics Corporation recently introduced its Cockpit Reference Solution that will offer an out-of-the-box development experience for designing cost-effective digital cockpit applications. It will also reduce the design to market time to quite an extent.

Fig. 2: Image Showing Cockpit Display Generated By Cockpit Reference Design
This new system was developed from the Renesas R-Car M3 SoC (System-on-Chip). This new solution is capable of delivering a unique blend of module-level, production focused, software and hardware developed by Renesas with Renesas’ automotive partner network to alleviate the burden from system-level design.
Key Features
This new reference solution offers Tier 1 and OEMs a complete white box baseline solution. It can be customized to cater various application needs and requirements. Since its foundation is the R-Car M3 SoC, this cockpit solution is pre-configured to showcase software and hardware feature for completely out-of-the-box development. It will allow customers to expand, update or reconfigure the system for creating a tailor made solution that fits specific requirements. 
This solution will be delivered in form of a transparent mixture of Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) Renesas software as well as third-party software by key members of Renesas’ automotive partner network. It will allow the production partners and OEMs to change, distribute, and modify the Renesas code to fit the needs of application design. 
Its ECU reference solution delivers a high-quality, functional baseline implementation for multi-function display cockpit applications. The company is also offering its buyers a complete automotive, turn-key, LPDDR4 reference design and test collateral. Once the customers are able to customize the PCB for their personal proprietary feature set. The reference design also permits them to bypass the customary steep learning curve very quickly. 
Fig. 2: Image Showing Cockpit Reference Solution Electronic Control Unit
Delivered as a source code, the software package allows the users to jumpstart application design without need for any existential cockpit solution. This package represents a flawless cockpit solution including drivers, Board Support Package (BSP), operation system, middleware, full application layer, and so on. 
In Maker’s Words
The senior director of Automotive Systems, Renesas Electronics, Daniel Sisco, adds, “Automotive integrated cockpit is a challenging space because the integration of so many different cockpit functions, such as multiple operating system, a rich UI, Bluetooth, and navigation needs significant system-level insight. Leveraging Renesas’ deep expertise in both silicon and system-level design, our reference solution reduces the implementation burden allowing customers to jumpstart their application development in a cost-effective way with production-focused hardware and software.”