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Renesas Extends The RX24U and RX24T Array of Microcontrollers To Cater High-Temperature-Tolerant Motor Control System Requirements

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Shreepanjali Mod

The leading supplier of highly developed semiconductor solutions recently announced expansion of RX24U and RX24T 32-bit MCU (Microcontroller Units) lineups. It will now include better high-temperature-tolerant models meeting requirements of motor-control applications that work across a wide range of operational temperature.

The G Version of these two lineups will now serve across temperatures from -40°C to +105°C while taking care of highest levels of energy efficacy, functionality, and speed simultaneously.

Fig. 1: Image Showing Renesas High-Temperature-Tolerant G Versions of RX24U and RX24T MCUs 
As the vice-president of Renesas’ Industrial Automation Business Division, Industrial Solution Business Unit, Akira Denda, puts it, “Though the IoT, home appliances and industrial machinery are attaining greater functionality based on network connectivity and user interface enhancements and effective use of the limited interior space as well as the higher temperature environments are becoming major issues.”

He further adds, “The newest members of the RX24T and RX24U Groups provide the excellent function and performance that RX users have come to expect from their MCUs while addressing the heat tolerance requirements to support safe and flexible equipment design.”

What Led To This Development?

Heat challenge is a big issue for designers that are working to shrink down the device form factors. This one stands true especially for motor-control applications. Any device that handles heated water and hot air need placement of circuit boards mounted in high-temperature points. Home appliances like induction hotplates or dishwashers need designs accommodating better heating capacity. This limit the space available for circuit boards. This led to the demand for board designs needing smaller surface area and better efficiency to disperse heat.

Renesas Electronics is addressing these issues through these new additions allowing circuit boards to perform better in high-temperature points. It will allow designers to now offer much better flexibility in products meant for high-temperature environments. It will also reduce the time needed to create new motor control applications since RX24T and RX24U CPU cards will support development of new software.


The G Version of both RX24U and RX24T can now be availed for mass production. The RX24U now envelopes six models with pin counts going from 100-144 pins while memory sizes going from 256kB-512kB. The RX24T, on the other hand, has 11 models with pin counts going from 64-10 pins and memory size ranging from 128kB to 512kB