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Renesas Further Expands Access to A Stronger Portfolio of IP Licenses

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Shreepanjali Mod
Renesas Electronics Corporation, one of the premier suppliers of highly advanced semiconductor solutions, recently made a public announcement that it is expanding access to robust portfolio of IP (Intellectual Property) licenses that permits designers to cater a broad range of customized customer needs and requirement in present day scenario. Renesas has been successful in incorporating an extensive range of IP in its SoC (System on Chip) and MCUs (Microcontrollers) product spans along with timer IP, CPU (Central  Processing Units), communication interface IP, analog IP, and memory IP. 
Renesas IP Solutions
Fig. 1: Image Representing Renesas IP Solutions 
Effective from 20 September 2018, Renesas is providing customer access to highest sought assets from its IP portfolio. The first products batch is comprised by 40 licenses including timer IP for motor applications, CPU Cores, SRAM, and USB cores. If the demand keeps increasing they will be catering it by offering more licenses. 
Since Renesas is a leading global semiconductor supplier, Renesas has been successful in developing quite a number of IP solutions. This further includes peripheral IP and standalone CPU modules along with subsystems like interrupt controllers or bus controllers that connect with IP modules. Every single one of these IP assets have high level of quality and reliability from vertically integrated semiconductor device sellers that are responsible for all stages right from designing to manufacturing. Renesas is also providing technical support embedded in is supreme expertise as semiconductor maker. 
Manufacturers interested in development of custom chips for applications like robots, autonomous vehicles, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) can take advantage of Renesas IP in designing of their subsystems. This would permit them to focus on bringing-in their own competitive IP assets, this speeding the pacing up the advanced semiconductor development process. As Hiroyuki Kondo, the vice president of Shared R&D division 1 at Renesas Electronics Corporation puts it, “As a leading global semiconductor supplier with deep manufacturing expertise, Renesas brings its unique perspective to the IP market with a broad portfolio of semiconductor IP assets. This completely open initiative offers manufacturers of assembled products and fabless semiconductor companies access trusted IP that allows them to accelerate software development cycles and develop customized semiconductors more quickly, dramatically speeding up technological innovation worldwide.”